Stone Deaf

Stone Deaf

Their stompboxes boast distinctive tonal palettes with vibrant and inspiring artwork. Stone Deaf have recently started developing their own amplifiers too, maintaining the diverse “outside-the-box” thinking that has made their pedals so popular.

With the likes of Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) and Josh Klinghoffer (Red Hot Chili Peppers) using their pedals, you can be assured that they offer top-notch gear.

History of Stone Deaf

Stone Deaf are an all-British brand, sourcing as many parts and components from within the UK. The company manufactures everything in-house at their premises in Huddersfield, and are one of just a few pedal and amp brands that follow this ethos.

Releasing their first pedal (the PDF-1) in 2010, the company have quickly developed a strong reputation by expanding their line up with other tone machines. With a number of fuzz and overdrive stompboxes, Stone Deaf also produce tremolo and delay pedals to satisfy the experimentalists out there.

They are renowned for using “active circuitry” in their pedal designs, becoming somewhat of their niche. This use of circuitry allows guitarists to attain a wider range of tones from their pedals, offering incredible versatility.

The Stone Deaf Range

The PDF-2 is Stone Deaf’s flagship pedal, the successor of their original design. Essentially an EQ, Boost and Distortion in one enclosure, it delivers rich amp-like crunch/mid-gain tones. The Warp Drive is suitable for those who crave high-gain, perfect for chunky, saturated metal riffs! With a huge amount of EQ controls as well as a built-in noise gate, you can tweak this pedal to find your perfect sound, whilst keeping the noise to a minimum.

The Tremotron is another highlight of Stone Deaf’s pedal range. With a full analogue signal path, this digitally-controlled pedal provides otherworldly tremolo warbles for those that love to experiment. Stone Deaf’s Syncopy Analogue Delay also follows a similar design, giving you old-school delay repeats that are easy to tweak thanks to digital manipulation.

From their pedal-building success, in 2016 the company unveiled a line of game-changing amplifier heads - the SD08, SD30 and SD50. Combining digital flexibility with the high-quality tones of a boutique valve amp, these programmable amps can achieve a huge amount of tones. From crystal cleans to angry high-gain filth, you can store and save any combination of settings such as EQ, volume, gain and wattage as a preset. MIDI-enabled for easy on-the-fly preset switching, these intuitive, forward-thinking amps are truly unique beasts.