Shure KSM Microphones

Shure KSM Microphones

Refined design and construction to perfectly capture your performances in the studio and on stage.


Shure’s KSM line features a range of condenser microphones that are capable of capturing all the sensitivity and toughness of your studio performance. Delivering an incredible level of clarity, control and durability, they are a must-have in any recording environment.


The KSM8 is the flagship of the series, a cardioid dynamic microphone designed for vocals. Enjoy pristine sonic accuracy and control, as well as total isolation from external noise. You almost won’t need to EQ and process your vocals when recording with the KSM8!


If you’re looking for a condenser mic that is also optimised for live situations, the KSM9 is right for you. With its dual-diaphragm build, it will capture all the subtleties in great detail, delivering clear and precise vocal reproduction. 


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