Producing rack-mountable studio hardware, DBX’s products are aimed at the home recording enthusiast or semi-pro engineer looking for inexpensive solutions. DBX are also popular for their D.I. boxes, considered an industry standard for live situations.

History of DBX 

DBX are perhaps most famous for their noise reduction systems, helping to establish the brand in the early 70s. Its very first Type I and Type II systems were based on so-called "linear decibel companding", compressing the signal on recording and expanding it on playback.

This technology later found its way into cassette players, as well as television and film production. Not a huge success over time, the brands direction changed, manufacturing professional-grade studio outboard gear.

The DBX Range

In recent years, DBX’s focus has turned to developing affordable studio equipment. Our current range at Andertons Music Co. includes the 166XS Stereo Compressor and the incredible Dual 31 Band Graphic EQ. 

Whilst the former delivers transparent compression that lends itself well to guitars, drums and vocals, the latter is a highly-versatile EQ ideal not only for the studio, but also live sound. With an unbelievable amount of control at your disposal, you can fine-tune sounds with surgical precision. 

DBX’s D.I. boxes are rugged and tour-worthy, ensuring great reliability in sometimes hostile live scenarios. Also capable of delivering high-quality audio, these units effortlessly convert unbalanced signals into balanced output suitable for mixing desks.