BBE Sound

BBE Sound

About BBE Sound

Founded in 1985 and based in sunny California, BBE Sound is a familiar name in the music industry; pioneering improvements in audio technologies for over three decades. With their preamps, compressors, equalisers and Sonic Maximizers seen regularly in recording studios, broadcasting facilities and on stages all over the world; BBE Sound has established itself as a go-to brand for its industry-leading audio processors and outboard gear.

In their own words, BBE Sound strives to "improve the quality of amplified sound for all people, from everyday consumers to music and sound professionals."

BBE Guitar Pedals

A few years ago, BBE entered the guitar pedals market with that very ethos in mind. Designed and engineered at their US headquarters, BBE pedals are built with high-quality components and use analogue circuitry to ensure optimal tones and studio-grade sonics.

With a number of overdrive and distortion stompboxes in the current lineup, such as the popular 427; BBE Sound also produces the acclaimed 'Ben Wah' pedal and the 'Two Timer' delay.