Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive Pedal

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Product Description

The feature-packed Sunset Dual Overdrive has all of the modern functions that you'd expect from Strymon — including the ability to connect a 'Favourite' switch to recall your best settings, and an expression pedal input to control volume or certain parameters of the drive. This will allow you to explore new sonic territory, with brilliantly detailed and flexible gain sounds!

In order to make the most versatile drive pedal possible, Strymon studied 6 different circuit topologies and captured them on 2 different channels. You can easily switch through these with a mini toggle at the top of the pedal for each channel.

Channel A

  • Germanium — The 'Ge' overdrive combines the softer response of germanium diodes with a parallel path that blends in the dry signal as the Drive knob is lowered. At higher gain, the lower-midrange frequencies are emphasized to create a tight, thick response. This overdrive really fattens up single-coil pickups, and responds with a bold push when paired with humbuckers.
  • Texas — The 'Texas' overdrive employs a single stage soft-clipper configuration that is filtered before and after the gain stage, to create a smooth and dynamic overdrive. The original signal dynamics are retained as the gain is increased; perfect for playing the blues or just fattening up your sound with a signature midrange bump.
  • Treble (Boost circuit) — The 'Treble' type is a treble booster that removes the low frequencies as the Tone knob is turned up; great for tightening up an overdriven amp, or driving another gain pedal that's a bit looser on the low-end. Turning the Tone control down brings in the low-end, making for a flexible all-around boost.

Channel B

  • 2 Stage — The '2 Stage' overdrive combines a soft-clipping stage followed by a hard-clipping stage, creating a complex overdrive with a wide range of gain. Its EQ structure preserves the low-end while adding some muscle to push your amp. This overdrive can easily take you from lightly clipped to beefy saturation!
  • Hard — The 'Hard' overdrive uses a single-stage hard-clipping circuit that has a ton of available gain, approaching fuzz territory with the Drive knob maxed. At lower gain, mildly-clipped transparent tones are achieved. The wide-ranging Tone knob lets you shape the top-end from smooth to buzzy.
  • JFET (Boost Circuit) — The 'JFET' type is a clean boost that subtly beefs up your signal with the dynamics and responsiveness created from the JFET front-end. As you turn up the drive, the signal gets rounded and warmer. The is a great option when your amp just "needs a little extra".

The best way to think of the sunset is as two separate drive pedals in one box. You can stack the drives or use them separately with loads of different outcomes. And with a small toggle right on the back of the pedal, you can switch the order that they go in like A>B or B>A or even run two circuits in parallel!


Sound Design

  • Six drive circuit topologies with custom-tuned voicing for each drive type.
  • Precision crafted drive circuits stackable in multiple combinations for a wide variety of complex, responsive tones.
  • Analog class A JFET input gain stage maximizes headroom while adding up to 20dB of pure analogue gain.
  • Drive and Tone control ranges optimized for each circuit topology.
  • Series, reverse series, and parallel drive circuit stacking via Config switch.
  • Bright switch to tailor the sound for use with all amplifiers from dark to bright.
  • Optional variable-threshold noise reduction for taming noisy guitar pickups.

Ins, Outs & Switches

  • High impedance mono input.
  • Mono output.
  • 'Favourite' input to connect an external MiniSwitch to recall a favourite preset.
  • Expression pedal input allows the connection an expression pedal for simultaneous morphing control over multiple parameters (Expression mode), or logarithmic taper for smooth volume control (Volume mode).