Keeley Envelope Filter & Auto Wah Pedals

Keeley Envelope Filter & Auto Wah Pedals

Keeley have a passion for designing wacky combinations of modulation, envelope filters and auto wah pedals. Many of their stompboxes consist of two or more effects in the single unit.


You're getting a hand-built pedal of a standard or slightly larger than standard size packing loads of effects. Not only are Keeley pedals unique and inspiring, but they're real bang for your buck. Pedals like the Bubbletron or Monterey do the jobs of two effects.


The likes of the Synth-1 can't be categorized by the standard drive, fuzz, or octave. It turns your plain, old guitar signal into a keyboard synth, cutting through with lightsaber-like whizz. It acts as a wave generator, creating a beam of fuzz closely resembling a vintage analogue synth. It sounds great even if you’re just playing single-notes thanks to its lively character and depth. 


Keeley's Super Mod Workstation is the ultimate pedal for those that like to use multiple types of effects but don't want to go down the big multi effects unit route. With two completely separate modulation sections each with 8 modes you can really dial in a lot of cool effects that you may not have previously thought of using.


The Keeley Dynatrem may be one of the coolest pedals we have seen in some time. With not only a great range of sounds but also fully dynamic controls that lets your playing set the rate or depth control. Just set this pedal in one of the three in built modes and start experimenting with your pick attack to get some great tremolo vibes.


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