Jack White's Guitar Rig

Jack White's Guitar Rig

To say that Jack White has an eclectic taste is gear is an understatement! From his work with The White Stripes and The Raconteurs, to The Dead Weather and his solo work, the 12-time Grammy winner is known for his minimalist style.

Jack White’s Guitars

During his time with The White Stripes, Jack was commonly seen using a number of quirky vintage guitars from Airline and Harmony, as well as a 1915 Gibson L-1 and custom Gretsch Rancher Falcon. Jack’s work with The Raconteurs saw him shift predominantly to Gretsch guitars, favouring the Rancher and Duo Jet models in particular. He later acquired a custom Anniversary Jr. which featured a lever-activated mute system, retractable bullet microphone and a light-activated theremin! His rig also included a Gretsch G6199 “Billy Bo” Jupiter Thunderbird.

For much of Jack’s solo work, he has used a number of heavily customised guitars, including an EVH Wolfgang and his unique “Three-Wheel-Motion Low Ride Telecaster”, which started life as a B-Bender Nashville Tele. Jack recently unveiled a new custom-built Fender Jazzmaster with a built-in pitch shifter. He has been spotted using Acoustasonic Telecasters, Gibson Firebirds and Music Man St. Vincents too!

Jack White’s Amps

Jack has been a long time user of Fender amps, favouring the iconic Twin Reverb in particular. During his career, Jack has relied on his trusty '60s “Black Panel” and '70s “Silverface” Twin Reverbs for their high head room and legendary clean sounds. Jack has also been spotted using a Hot Rod Deluxe IV and Bassman 800 on occasions. In addition to the Fenders, Jack’s set up regularly includes a pair of 100-watt Sears Silvertone 1485 6x10 amps. These vintage amps were manufactured by Danelectro and distributed by Sears in the early '60s.

Jack White’s Pedals

The Digitech Whammy pedal is a firm favourite of Jack’s, using it to simulate bass sounds as well as rapid pitch modulations in his solos. Another favourite is the Electro Harmonix POG2, which he uses to create unique, multi-layered textures. Most recently, Jack has collaborated with CopperSound to develop his signature “Third Man Triplegraph” octave pedal. Jack has also relied on pedals from MXRBossZVEX and Gamechanger Audio.