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Presonus Studio One Software

Presonus’ own DAW offers a fresh take on the production suite concept.

Presonus Studio One Software

Presonus are one of the most widely-respected purveyors of audio equipment in the industry, with a colourful range designed to cater for every need. Studio One is their own signature DAW, built from the ground up with modern functionality in mind.

One of the reasons Presonus developed Studio One was not to compete with the major DAW developers, but rather to provide an alternative workflow. Studio One was built on a modern foundation that’s not bogged down by legacy code – the result is a fresh, efficient and feature-packed production experience.

Key features include native 64-bit resolution, support for up to 384kHz audio (!), a great selection of instruments and samples, songwriting and arrangement tools, and even an included copy of Melodyne Essentials 4 (professional ESD version only). There are a number of versions available, including upgrades, crossgrades and EDU copies. Check out the full selection below!