Tama SLP Series Drums

Everything you’d want from a contemporary drum kit. Tama make some of the best modern kits around: the S.L.P is the perfect example.

Tama SLP Series Drums

An original design, Tama’s S.L.P range is formed or an array of shell packs and snares made from sleek woods like Maple, Spruce and Kapur. These are all lively, open sounding tonewoods fixed with top quality hardware Tama are renowned for in the business. This is the perfect choice for rock, indie, blues and R&B drummers.

Maple has a focused, wam tone with clear attack and a relatively short sustain. Great in live situation, it really excels in the studio with controlled resonance.

Spruce is much fatter, contatining solid mid frequencies and a natural clear characteristic. It has a wide tuning range great for a number of musical styles.

Kapur is the kit you want for straight up rock. It’s powerful, natural and warm. There’s plenty of articulation too, so you can use it for funk and fusion.

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