Roland LX Series Digital Pianos

The flagship Roland digital piano series. Immaculate performance, sound and style. This is the very best it gets.

Roland LX Series Digital Pianos

Roland have created some of the best digital pianos ever and the LX700 is currently leading the line. Combining contemporary mechanics with classic sound and feel, LX700 pianos are the go-to choice for pianists after world class performance.

The LX is founded on the basics – the very best tone, elegant ivory emulation hammer weighted keys and sleek looks. 

PHA-50 keys are some of the very best yu can get on a digital piano. These provide players with dynamism, speed and extreme nuances. Their length allows for smoother action as your fingers won’t tire as easily.

Powered by the by Roland’s superNATURAL sound engine, you have the choice of two grand piano tones, multiple strings, organs and synth sounds and more. 

This is all backed up by the Acoustic Projection System with clever speaker layouts to fill the room with rich warm tone. Open up the top lid to further expand on the piano’s overtones. Alternatively listen through a specially designed 3D headphone ambience. 

Connect your tablet or smartphone via inbuilt Bluetooth to play along with your favourite songs and view sheet music. Also included is a Twin piano mode for two-player practice and an essential metronome.

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