PJD Guitars

If you love breathtaking, boutique-style instruments built in the UK — you'll love PJD Guitars! Using "the world's best materials & components to hand-craft modern guitars with classic features", PJD's exquisite offerings will have you hooked!

PJD Guitars

PJD Guitars is one of the UK's biggest instrument manufacturers. Founded in 2010 by Leigh Dovey, the brand's name is a tribute to his late father who worked as a prop maker for London's Royal Opera House. Picking up his dad's skills to become a proficient wood worker, Leigh honed his guitar-making craft over the years alongside a full-time role in sound/video engineering.

Fast-forward to 2017, and PJD Guitars took a big step by moving to a large York-based workshop in order to increase production and set up a place to officially call "home". In the time since, Leigh and his team have created hundreds of incredible electric guitars for players who adore the finer things in life! The best thing about PJD's guitars is that they're true high-end instruments made in the UK, priced reasonably.

PJD Guitar Range

The current PJD Guitars lineup encompasses 3 core models — the Carey, St. John and Woodford. PJD's Carey guitar follows the classic single-cut design, but has a unique humbucker/P90 configuration (Standard) and a flat body top. The St. John takes inspiration from the legendary '60s offset, albeit with the same base pickup pairing as the Carey and a modified shape, while the Woodford is a versatile S-type guitar both elegant and bold. Standard, Elite and Limited Edition versions of these models are available, with the latter featuring more exotic timbers and features.

PJD's Partners

PJD prides itself on working with other UK brands in the guitar industry. Devon's Bare Knuckle Pickups are closely aligned with PJD, with their products a common option in their guitars, while Liverpool's Cream T Pickups can also be chosen for selected PJD models.

Key Features

The features listed below are available as standard on most PJD guitars:

  • Chambered Bodies — All PJD models have bodies that are precisely routed out; creating air pockets which enhance their resonance and character while reducing weight.
  • Roasted Maple Necks — Roasting process crystallises resins and removes natural moisture. This lightens the weight of the neck material, darkens its tone and, most importantly, increases stability for rock-solid tuning.
  • "C"-Shaped Neck Profiles — Custom PJD profile provides comfortable playability; suitable for both traditional and contemporary players. The nitro finish PJD use is also luxuriously smooth!
  • 10-12” Compound Radius Fingerboards — This modern design feature makes PJD's necks feel rounded at the lower register for comfy chord shapes, and gradually flattens out the higher you go so that fast solo passages feel effortless to play. This unique, hybrid radius also prevents string bends from choking out.
  • Bare Knuckle/Cream T Pickups — PJD equip their electric guitars with hand-wound pickups from two of the UK's premier brands.
  • Gotoh Hardware — PJD uses high-quality, easily-adjustable Gotoh hardtail bridges on all of their instruments, with Gotoh vintage-style tuners keeping everything stable!

Order a Custom PJD Guitar

PJD guitars can be custom-ordered to your specific requirements. If you'd like to select particular colours, woods, pickups, frets & more, please contact our experienced team and they'll help you make your dream guitar a reality! Click here to enquire today.