Victory Amplifiers

Victory Compact Series Amplifiers

The Victory compact series features some of the most versatile and popular amps in the range including the award-winning v30 and v40 heads.

Victory Compact Series Amplifiers

The Victory Compact amps are regarded as some of the best value-for-money amps on the market due to the fact that they give you boutique tones in a tiny, portable package. These ‘Lunchbox’ amps are easy to take to gigs and rehearsals and some are even capable of power switching meaning that you can port the power down to decrease headroom and get those great tube tones at a lower volume.  

The hype all began with the V30 and the V40 compact amps:

  • V40 – The V40 is the perfect clean amp – a pedal platform with loads of headroom, stunningly accurate digital reverb and 2 voicings that’ll allow you to dial in your tone to taste.
  • V30 – The V30 is a 2-channel monster with a clean and dirty channel to give you all of the versatility that you might need.

The Victory Compact series is full of different amps at different price points to nail different tones. It’s a smorgasbord of great tones for different players but the thread that runs through the range is the portability and ease of use.