Bogner Amplification

Bogner Amplification

Founded by Reinhold Bogner, this German-born amp builder moved to the US in order to set up his company in Los Angeles, California in 1989. As the best place to manufacture a line of high-gain amplifiers to satisfy the growing list of Bay Area metal bands making it big, Bogner hoped to capitalise on guitarist’s needs for searing-hot amps.

One of the earliest endorsers of his amps, however, was Seattle-based grunge guitarist Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains. Using some of Bogner’s earliest models, including the legendary Fish preamp to power his huge sound on the ground-breaking album Dirt (1992), other players started to take notice.

Although the brand is most synonymous with metal players, especially with its Uberschall head, other Bogner amps have achieved success too. The flagship Ecstasy is an equally renowned amplifier, providing nostalgic Plexi-style tones but with a more modern edge, capable of pumping out plenty of gain.

The Bogner Range

Currently, Andertons Music Co. does not stock Bogner amplifiers, but does however carry their pedal range. With the majority of their stompboxes based on some of their most iconic amps, we’re sure that if you’re after the signature Bogner sound - you’ll find it!

Bogner Pedals

The Bogner Uberschall pedal dishes out the instantly recognisable sound of its full-sized counterpart. With a control set similar to the distortion channel on the real amplifier, including gain and volume controls as well as a 3-band EQ, the Uberschall also has a seperate boost footswtich. Engage this, and you’ll add more gain but also tighten up the tone, in a similar way that an overdrive pedal works when placed in front of a high-gain amp.

In a similar style to the Uberschall pedal, Bogner also created pedal-formatted versions of their Ecstasy amps. With two models available, the blue version gives you the amp’s crystal-clear low to medium gain tones, whilst the red iteration taps into that searing ‘red’ channel sound on the Ecstasy amp.

But Bogner have also created a line of original pedal designs. Not straying too far from their analogue amp technology, they now boast an acclaimed range of overdrive, boost, fuzz and compressor pedals. The Oxford fuzz in particular has gained a healthy reputation for its great versatility, and even features a Rupert Neve-designed transformer for a warm, natural sound.