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Aston Element Cardioid Microphone

Crowdsourced Design, Side-Fire Single Pattern Cardioid Microphone

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Includes Proprietary Shock Mount & Pop Filter

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Product Description

Aston have developed a well-founded reputation over the years. Their microphones are used all around the world - from professional engineers, producers and artists, to enthusiasts and amateur vocalists. There's a reason for this; their mic's deliver astounding sound quality, and a level of durability that makes them almost indestructible. 

Whenever the brand have developed any of their previous products, they've harnessed the expertise and knowledge of some of the best minds in the industry. A group consisting of around 600 pro's takes part in extensive listening tests to guarantee that every single mic that's made meets the demands and expectations of the most discerning consumer. However, with the Element, this is where Aston have decided to start mixing things up. 

Made by the Public, for the Public 

With input from the public, the Aston Element features a sound and voice that's been crafted entirely by you, the people who will ultimately end up using it. As  part of Project Element, over 4000 producers, engineers and musicians delivered around 36,000 pieces of data for Aston to pore over and consider. Each data point was sourced via a series of intense peer-reviewed, blind listening tests - pitting the Element against direct competitor mics that are produced by some of the most respected brands in the industry. These preferences and statistics have helped to create something that's truly unique. There's a reason they're calling it the 'Peoples Microphone' after all. In total, Aston undertook 18 months of research and development (alongside three months of public testing) to create one truly excellent entry-level microphone; the end result is a product that outperforms all mics within its class. Aston even have the reports to back this up...    

This is a world first too. Never before has the sound of a microphone been decided by users themselves during its actual development. Even though Aston have delivered their same great trademark electronics and chassis, the most essential aspect - the voicing - has all been down to you. 

High-Quality Aston Engineering 

But what actually is the Element? Well, it's a side-fire, single pattern cardioid microphone. It boasts brand new 'Ridyon' capsule technology, which has been specially created in-house by Aston themselves. Harnessing 48V of phantom power, a seriously lightweight active moving coil diaphragm generates a level of performance and sensitivity that's usually reserved for high-end models. It manages to combine the noise rejection and powerful bass of a dynamic mic, with the more natural sound that characterises a ribbon.

The capsule itself is actually larger than many of its immediate peers. However, this design decision ensures that the diaphragm can move freely, as well as a lot further. You'll find that this means it can handle much higher sound pressure levels before it actually distorts - not to mention an enhanced bass response. That's not all though. A 360 degree in-built suspension system benefits the mics overall architecture. Thanks to this style of suspension, the Element receives better protection against knocks and bumps, no matter the direction it comes from. This all helps to deliver a warm, natural sounding mic that not only operates at a high level of performance, but creates a great looking and affordable piece of gear too.

Enhanced Acoustics 

An extremely flat frequency response is made possible by the construction of the chassis and capsule body themselves. The capsule utilises a smart acoustic treatment system. The grill actually serves as a diffuser, while the contoured shape of the body (and monocoque capsule) delivers your audio to the capsule with the smallest amount of diffraction possible.  

Sleek & Minimal Look  

The translucent purple badge positioned on the front of the mic is backlit by an LED. When the mic uses 48V phantom power, this lights up the badge in a dark 'Aston' purple - adding a further visual embellishment. A sleek, minimalist design takes inspiration from both past and current-day engineering, creating an entirely unique visual blend. A proprietary shock mount and pop filter also come bundled with the Element, ensuring you're ready to start recording high-quality vocals from the outset.    


  • Side Fire Single-pattern cardioid microphone.
  • Unique 'Ridyon' capsule technology developed by Aston delivers high-performance at a low cost.  
  • Moving coil design ensures an extremely fast transient response and extended bass frequency response. 
  • Aston logo illuminates when 48V phantom power is detected.
  • Proprietary shock mount for simple noise-free setup.
  • Magnetic pop filter using neodymium magnets.
  • Eco friendly packaging. 

In the Box 

  • Aston Element Cardioid Microphone
  • Swiftshield Pop Filter
  • Shockmount


  • Dimensions (H x W): 162.8mm x 58mm
  • Weight: 275g