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2020 NAMM Show: 16th - 19th January

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Fender at NAMM

Last year, Fender launched the innovative Acoustasonic Tele guitar. Fast-forward to NAMM 2020, and Fender has bolstered its acoustic/electric hybrid lineup with none other than the Acoustasonic Stratocaster! Click here to read the full news story.

The Parallel Universe Collection is also back. Combining unique body shapes and features not seen before, this range promises to capture your imagination. Highlights include a Jazz Strat, Maverick Dorado, Troublemaker Custom and the Tele Magico. Incredible creations, and you can view the full lineup here!

The groovy Player Lead Series makes its first appearance since 1979. They come loaded with either duo single-coils in the Lead II or two humbuckers in the Lead III. Offset Duo-Sonic and Mustang bass models are introduced to the player series too, which comprises a total 15 new models. Click here to view the new additions to the Player Series.

On we go to the HM Strat - one of the headline grabbers! This mean-looking machine is a super cool hot-rodded strat, taken from the 88-92 models. Four colours are available (Bright White, Frozen Yellow, Ice Blue and Flash Pink), complete with jumbo frets, Floyd Rose trems and high-gain pickups.

For more new on Fender's NAMM 2020 releases, click here!

Gibson at NAMM

Big news from Gibson this year. First up, they unveiled the Slash Collection; six guitars designed in conjunction with the legendary axeman. Four Les Paul Standards including an ‘Appetite Burst’ model, and two J-45 acoustics with unique rock ‘n’ roll finishes.

On the Original Collection front, you’ve got new ‘70s style Flying V and Explorer models, boasting Classic White colour schemes, uncovered Tribute Burstbuckers and chrome hardware. They’ve also updated the Modern Collection with Les Paul Special Tributes with either humbuckers or P-90s; depending on your tonal preferences.

The Gibson Montana line-up features a wealth of updates; Gibson have, in their own words: “renewed focus on our acoustic guitars, just like we did with our electric guitar portfolio.” This means a similar division of Modern Collection/Original Collection, with the former featuring bold contemporary designs, and the latter sticking to the tried-and-tested Gibson Montana mojo. Expect new variations of all models, including the J-45, SJ-200, Hummingbird and more.

Not satisfied with a total overhaul of their acoustic line-up, they’ve also unveiled the Gibson Acoustic Custom Shop – iconic guitars in their true historic form. Highlights include a 1942 J-45, a pre-war SJ-200 Rosewood and a 1960 Hummingbird. Click here to view all of Gibson's NAMM 2020 guitars!

Jackson at NAMM

Jackson has arrived at the 2020 NAMM Show with almost 60 new models. A headline grabber is Rob Caggiano's (Volbeat) new signature Shadowcaster, reminiscent of Charvel's old Surfcaster model from the early '90s but fitted with ultra-hot DiMarzio humbuckers and finished in a gorgeous Metallic Purple colour.

Gus G's signature lineup has also been expanded, with Ivory-coloured Star models now available in the X, Pro and USA lines as well as a San Dimas superstrat finished in Candy Apple Red. Jeff Loomis' Kelly model has been introduced to the more affordable Pro Series, with updates also made to Jackson stalwarts Corey Beaulieu (Trivium) and Mark Morton's (Lamb of God) models. A 30th Anniversary Concert Bass has been unveiled for Megadeth's David Ellefson too, celebrating his long-term association with Jackson. Click here to view all of Jackson's new signature models.

Signature models aside, Jackson has taken the wraps off a plethora of new models for its best-selling X and Pro Series lines. New Soloists, Dinkys, Warriors, King Vs, Kellys and Rhoads models have made the 2020 range, some of which are available in eye-catching sand-blasted finishes. See all of Jackson's 2020 NAMM releases by clicking here!

Gretsch at NAMM

Gretsch have revamped their line-up for 2020 with some wildcard releases. The Player's Edition Broadkaster and Jet models bring the Bigsby-powered sparkle in chambered and Mahogany-body fashion respectively.

The Electromatic Rat Rod offers full-tilt '50s Filter'Tron bite with eye-popping finishes to boot. There are also a couple of Electromatic Jet Baritone models, including one with a Bigsby, for low-register rock 'n' roll. Check out the full range here!

Charvel at NAMM

We're always eager to see what Charvel releases at NAMM, and in 2020 they haven't disappointed. A highlight includes the new Pro-Mod So-Cal Style 24 HH CM model, a super-Tele that comes equipped with high-output Fishman Fluence Open-Core pickups and features a 'Caramelized Maple' neck that ensures ultimate rigidity

The Charvel Dinky line that debuted at last year's NAMM Show has also been expanded, with the new DK22 SSS featuring a trio of stacked single-coils for a more Strat-like aesthetic.

Fresh-faced signature models for Steel Panther's Satchel, guitar virtuoso Angel Vivaldi and Gojira frontman's Joe Duplantier have also bolstered Charvel's 2020 lineup.

Epiphone at NAMM

Rejoice! The Epiphone guitar portfolio has been simplified and reorganised into Epiphone 'Originals' and Epiphone 'Inspired by Gibson', evolving the brand and unleashing it with a new look!

The Epiphone 'Original Collection' features new and classic acoustic/electric instruments that Epiphone fans worldwide can depend on. For the first time in decades Epiphone is launching Epiphone 'Made in USA' starting with the Texan, made in the Gibson Acoustic factory in Bozeman, Montana.

Comprised of Epiphone’s most iconic acoustic guitars from the 1960s, the new Epiphone 'Masterbilt Original Collection' is built overseas with old-world techniques and includes the Texan, Frontier and Excellente. Epiphone Masterbilt Acoustics look and play beautifully at an accessible price-point.

Epiphone’s 'Inspired by Gibson' collection offers fans classic Gibson models like the Les Paul, SG, and the ES-335 at prices that won't break the bank. Other debuts include the Epiphone UpTown Kat ES Collection, the next generation of Epiphone’s critically acclaimed ES-style archtop, as well as the Les Paul and SG Muse Collection. Click here to take a gander at all of Epiphone's new models!

Victory at NAMM

Some big products from Victory at NAMM this year, led by the new V4 'The Duchess' preamp pedal. Expanding the popular V4 range to four offerings in total (alongside the Kraken, Countess and Sheriff), this 'The Duchess' V4 pedal provides creamy clean and crunch tones, and pairs up wonderfully with the also-new V112-Neo cabinet; featuring a lightweight Celestion 250 Copperback Neodymium speaker.

Alongside their V4 'The Duchess' pedal, Victory also unveiled a Deluxe version of its recently-released, EL84-driven VC35 'The Copper' head. Available in head and combo configurations, the VC35 Deluxe features a fancy pine/tolex enclosure and genuine valve-driven spring reverb and tremolo effects!

Alvarez at NAMM

Adding to the already popular Elite Series, Alvarez Guitars has introduced the Masterworks Elite Series! There are 6 models in total, all with cutaways and slim Ebony bevel armrests. Three are crafted from AA Sitka with Black Walnut, while the others are made entirely from Black Walnut. All have Paua abalone purfling and are fitted with the LR Baggs Element pickup and VTC soundhole console.

Masterworks Elite are stunning guitars made from premium, hand-selected all-solid woods to create a sonically articulate guitar series with a stunning visual impact. If you're after something really interesting though, the new Artist 8-string baritone model allows you to attain unique acoustic tones thanks to its lower tuning and doubled 3rd & 4th strings - available in Shadowburst and Black.


PRS were well ahead of the competition when it dropped its entire 2020 catalogue in October last year. Unveiling a plethora of new SE and S2 models to bolster its more affordable guitar lines, highlights included sub-£1000 Hollowbody and Hollowbody II guitars as well as the introduction of its Starla and Mira models to the SE series. The Maryland-based brand also unveiled limited edition 35th Anniversary Custom 24 guitars, celebrating not just the heritage of this modern classic instrument but also the existence of PRS itself.

In terms of new instruments debuting at the NAMM Show, PRS unveiled its McCarty 594 S2 models. With Singlecut, Standard 594 and Thinline guitars available, these popular models are far more attainable at sub-£2000. To see the whole PRS 2020 lineup, click here.

PRS also took the wraps off something incredibly special to celebrate its 35th Anniversary. Limited to just 135 pieces worldwide, the Private Stock Dragon in Frostbite Dragon's Breath epitomises the class-leading craftsmanship that PRS are so renowned for. A spellbinding, fully-inlayed dragon art fingerboard is the cherry on the top.

In addition to the McCarty 594 S2 models, PRS also dropped two fresh new colours for John Mayer’s famed Silver Sky; Polar Blue & Midnight Rose. Making that eight finishes in total, all colour options are now available for the first time with a Maple fingerboard too (in addition to the existing Rosewood option). Stellar work, Paul!

Last but by no means least, the Silver Sky Nebula - featuring a limited edition pearlescent-style finish. Absolute beauty.

Martin at NAMM

Among their line-up updates is a totally new design for the acoustic guitar titans. The SC-13E is the acoustic guitar redefinied with comfort, versatility and cutting-edge sound in mind. The new Sure Align neck system (with no heel) provides full access to all 20 frets, with a Fishman-powered plugged-in sound that's to die for. One of the most exciting acoustic releases of the show this year!

The legendary acoustic luthiers have also expanded their affordable X Series, adding all-new hardware, Fishman electronics, Performing Artist necks and solid tops to the alluring package. They’ve visited the high-end 16 series with a new acoustic bass, nylon string electro acoustic, dreadnought and grand concert shapes.

Click here to view the 2020 Martin range.

Chapman at NAMM

One of our favourite signature guitar lines gets a boost. Chapman have released two new affordable Standard Rabea ML3 singlecut beasts - the Mensis at a 25.5” scale length and the Pale Blood 28” baritone. Equipped with the V2 Henchman in the bridge and the Mini Rail at the neck, both guitars match up to the versatility of Rabea’s incredible playing.

Chapman have also given us the Limited Edition ML1 Pro Modern Baritone – an amalgamation of features borrowed from both the sleek Modern and Baritone styles. Punchy pickups, a smooth satin finish and comfortable playability makes the ML1 a performance instrument through and through.


EVH has come to NAMM with a bunch of new Wolfgang models in both its Standard and Special lines, but the headline grabber is arguably the Striped Series Frankie model; an affordable replica of Eddie Van Halen's "Frankenstein" Super-Strat!

A stealth version of the popular 5150 III 50W amp head has also been released, with a matching 2x12" cabinet completing the blackout look. Click here to view all of EVH's new products!

Fender at NAMM

American Originals get a boost too, adding '70s Custom Telecasters and '60s Thinline Telecasters to the ranks. You’ll also find some swanky new colours including Inca Silver, Shell Pink and Burgundy Mist. Bassists - don’t fret. There are some new colours for you too!

The American Professional range will gain three new suave limited edition models with solid rosewood necks. There are also a number of cool new signature models on the way, of which the Tom Morello Soul Power Stratocaster and the Jim Root Jazzmaster V4 are the standouts.

Covering acoustics, we’ve got hold of the new Sonoran Mini and some limited edition California and Paramount series guitars. The new range of Fullerton Ukuleles tip the hat to Fender’s iconic guitar body shapes. The Telecaster Uke looks slick too, and Fender has even given beginners plenty to think about with its super-affordable Educational Series Classical guitars. Take a gander at all of Fender's new acoustic instruments here!

New to the amp range is the 50-watt Mustang LT-50 digital modelling amp, and there’s a new stompbox in the line-up too – the MTG Tube Tremolo pedal, designed with Bruce Egnater. You’ll also see a whole bunch of new stools, cables, straps, picks, parts and more accessories.

Taylor at NAMM

With Taylor Guitars, we welcome the pleasant return of Baby Taylor models - both accessible and inspiring. New GS Mini models lead their latest lineup, complete with different tone woods; Rosewood, Big Leaf Maple & Koa. Click here to see all of Taylor's new acoustic models!


Back in November 2019, ESP started to tease their new range of guitars to be showcased at NAMM. We got word of the new Phoenix series, additions to the Black Metal lineup, LTD M Series models, LTD EC-1000 additions, more in the LTD Deluxe H range and the return of the LTD Deluxe Viper-1000. A month later, we got new ESP basses, additions to the LTD Deluxe 1000 series and more from the affordable 200 series.

Released at the show in January, and arguably saving the best until last, we’ve been treated to the stunning new ’87 Series as well as updated signature models, including the stand-out JR 8-string Baritone of Javier Reyes (Animals As Leaders). See all of ESP's new 2020 models by clicking here!

Ibanez at NAMM

Ibanez unveiled their entire 2020 instrument range on New Year's Day. Highlights included a bunch of stunning new finishes, eye-catching additions to the Prestige/Premium/Axion Label series' and their first ever headless basses - the EHB series.

One of the most speculated releases at this year’s show has to be the new Steve Vai signature PIA (Paradise In Art) guitar. Available in four distinctive colours, the newly-designed PIA comes complete with a gorgeous blossom inlay, unique petal grip, DiMarzio UtoPIA pickups, Edge tremolo bridge and a magnetic cavity plate. Sheeeesh, what a guitar!

The YY10 is another cool addition to the Ibanez artist line-up. Covet front-woman and recent guest on Andertons TV Yvette Young lays claim to this striking new release. The Talman-shaped guitar in Slime Green Sparkle is a super cool signature guitar that modern players will love! Click here to view Ibanez's whole 2020 lineup.

Blackstar at NAMM

Blackstar, one of the UK's leading amp brands, has joined the acoustic amplifier game with its fresh-looking Sonnet Series. Promising the most natural possible response, these versatile acoustic amps ensure that the sonic qualities of your instrument are fully transferred. Available in 60 and 120-watt configurations, with timeless black or blonde finishes.

Schecter at NAMM

Headlines for Schecter include the super-sleek Silver Mountain range, which encompasses a multi-scale model, as well as the Banshee GT series which comes in four striking new finishes that capture the spirit of classic muscle cars.

Released at the show, you’ll also find C-1 Exotic models, the C-6 Deluxe in pastel-style aqua finishes and the C-7 Pro. The Ultra Series, Corsair semi-hollow and PT Fastback complete the release. There have also been signature model updates for the Keith Merrow, Miles Dimitri, Nick Johnston and Synyster Gates guitars too. Click here to see all of Schecter's latest releases!

Reverend at NAMM

Reverend, the ultimate retro-meets-modern guitar brand, has unveiled more than a hundred instruments just in time for NAMM - making 2020 its most ambitious year yet! With several updated classics as well as some fresh new faces, including the Roundhouse and Contender models, one of the biggest talking points is Nine Inch Nails axeman Robin Finck's signature model! Click here to view the entire Reverend NAMM 2020 range.

D'Angelico at NAMM

An exciting addition to the D’Anglieco line-up, the Deluxe Bedford is a semi-hollow offset guitar with grandeur and style in the bucketloads. It’s also serving up the very best in construction and features from the Italian-American guitar builders in their Deluxe range.

Awesome finishes, a unique look and plenty of quirky little design touches makes the Bedford a sight to behold. They’re equipped with mini humbuckers and two single coil pickups as well as you choice of tremolo or fixed bridge.

Horizon Devices at NAMM

After over 2 years of design, testing, and tweaking, Horizon Devices present their latest inspiration box: the Flux Echo! It’s the result of years of research & development, community input and Misha’s extensive delay collection ranging from vintage tape echoes to modern crisp delays.

With both Mono and Stereo I/O's, the Flux Echo is designed to work great with a range of setups including traditional mono rigs as well as stereo rigs with multiple amps/instruments, it even sounds great with synthesizers. It has a Flux Mode (Variable switch that allows 3 distinct voices), a Tap/Hold switch and Bypass/Delay and Reverb Trails switch. Feature packed and bound to be a super popular addition to the Horizon Devices line-up!

Keeley Electronics at NAMM

Keeley has made no secret of the new Eccos pedal being showcased this year! The Eccos Delay Looper is based on a new stereo, flanged delay tone. Create beautiful sounding tape-style delay lines and then spin them endlessly with the Looper! Designed to be at home in live professional rigs or bedroom studios for experimenting. The Keeley Eccos is a delay-looper workstation with superb sound quality and abundant features.

Squier at NAMM

As for Squier, there are some super-suave looking Classic Vibe ‘50s Esquire guitars in three retro finishes; Daphne Blue, Butterscotch Blonde and of course, Surf Green. We’ve also seen some limited edition guitars, including the affordable Competition Bullet Mustang. Click here to take a look at the Squier NAMM 2020 range!


Here at Andertons, we were all unanimous in agreeing that the MXR Dookie Drive was, undoubtedly, the coolest pedal released in 2019. Maybe we're all a bunch of Green Day fanboys, but it just looked and sounded awesome! A year later, and MXR has unveiled the Dookie Drive V.2, featuring special edition artwork that contrasts the most explosive element of the Dookie album cover with a brushed aluminium casting - for a look that’s sleek yet rugged.

Aside from the new Dookie V2 pedal, MXR has been busy making more new stompboxes! There's also a Dookie Unicorn V3 pedal being released, and the artwork is... interesting! We’ve seen a sweet-looking mini Timmy overdrive pedal too, a silicon fuzz pedal named Octavio, the Thump Bass preamp and a fixed wah Cry Baby Q-Zone stompbox.

Laney at NAMM

Laney had plenty to shout about at NAMM 2020. Their new CUB-SUPER amps led the new lineup, available in 1x10" and 1x12" combo formats as well as a 15W head configuration with accompanying cabs. As simple single-channel valve amps, the CUB-SUPER models may seem a little bit tame, but these EL84-driven low-wattage amps deliver bundles of British bark and can serve as brilliant pedal platforms.

The company also unveiled new models for its Mini series, the Ministack-Iron and Ministack-Lion amps; based on their Ironheart and Lionheart amplifiers respectively. With two channels and full EQ controls, these mini amps offer more than the competition, and there are even Bluetooth-enabled versions too! Click here to view the whole Laney range!

Way Huge at NAMM

The Way Huge team has conjured up the new Smalls Swollen Pickle Jumbo Fuzz MkIII, which concentrates all the potent flavours of its predecessors into a super pedalboard-friendly housing with a simpler interface.

Music Man at NAMM

Leading Ernie Ball Music Man's NAMM 2020 lineup is the brand new Sabre Guitar. Available in four tantalising finishes, the Sabre features an Okoume body, a carved Maple top, and custom Ernie Ball Music Man humbucking pickups. The Sabre is going to prove super popular!

There are also four new unique colours joining the Majesty range, including Pink Sand, Red Pheonix, Smoked Pearl, Ember Glow and a new finish for the JP15, donned the amazing Cerulean Paradise. The Cutlass RS and Stingray RS now come in three fresh colours too.

Back to colours and onto Basses, and the infamous Stingray Special Bass (both 4 and 5 string) has been given a makeover with new colours Maroon Mist, Tectonic Blue Sparkle, Firemist Silver, Ghostwood, Ghost Pepper and Burnt Amber. The Short Scale Stingray Special Bass also has new colours.

As far as signature guitars go, the Luke III guitar has been revamped and will be offered in Ocean Sparkle, Fuchsia Sparkle, Olive Pearl, and Bodhi Blue finish options. The Valentine and Dustin Kensrue models have received new colour options as well.

JHS Pedals at NAMM

After much teasing, JHS has proudly released its PG-14 Paul Gilbert signature distortion pedal! Specifically designed to Paul's specifications, this FET-based distortion stompbox emulates the touch, feel, and the response of a pushed tube amplifier. It also features an active mid-frequency preamp which provides a vast sweep of tonal possibilities with any amp or guitar combination.

Vox at NAMM

Combining 'Virtual Element Technology' with Korg's accalaimed 'NuTube' dynamics and an open-back Celestion-powered design, Vox's new Cambridge 50 combo is a powerful modelling amp packed with classic Vox mojo!

Along the same NuTube lines, Vox have announced the Valvenergy pedal series; all types of gain stompboxes designed to recreate true tube tone in a small footprint. Packed with cab sim, huge EQ flexibility and an OLED screen, Valvenergy can be used as a standard drive or preamp.

Even more from Vox! They’ve released two new semi-hollow Bobcat guitars based on the originals built in Italy during the mid-sixties. Set necks, weight-relieved spruce centre blocks, your choice of pickup configurations and luxurious styling to top it off.

Redbeard Effects at NAMM

Mikey Demus’ (of Skindred) Redbeard Effects has dropped the aptly named Honey Badger Octave Fuzz Pedal. This stompbox goes straight for the tonal jugular. Not just one octave, but two, controlled by the awesome ‘divide’ knob. This allows you to blend between a combination of -2 and -1 octaves for the ultimate subterranean tone experience!

Duesenberg at NAMM

2020 marks the 25th Anniversary of the Starplayer TV! To celebrate this quarter-century milestone, Duesenberg has released an exceptionally precious ‘Collector’s Edition’ Starplayer TV, strictly limited Worldwide. Additionally, there is a further, less collectable Anniversary Edition of the Starplayer TV featuring new Split-King Pickups.

Several colour additions to the regular Starplayer TV line and other models complete this year’s line-up.

EarthQuaker Devices at NAMM

In early 2019, EarthQuaker Devices and experimental metal band Sunn O))) collaboratively designed a stompbox that encapsulated the group's signature sounds - the Life Pedal. Able to produce earth-shaking distortion, fuzz and octave-up tones, this large and ultra-limited stompbox sold out fast and has become somewhat of a collector's item already. However, EarthQuaker Devices has quite literally brought it back to life! With the exact same circuit, the Life Pedal V2 features a much more compact enclosure, expression pedal control over the octave blend and 'Flexi-Switch' technology on the relay-based true bypass footswitches. The EQD Life Pedal V2 is just about better in every way!

The Afterneath is one of the EarthQuaker Devices' most popular pedals, and has become something of a modern classic in the reverb category. Now they've unveiled the Afterneath V3, featuring 9 new modes, CV/expression control over the drag parameter, and trails/no trails toggling. A whole new world of ambience. For the synth-nerds among you, they've also announced a Eurorack version with 9 controls, 4 of which are controllable via CV!

Darkglass at NAMM

Finnish bass maestros Darkglass have unveiled the DN range of bass cabinets. Designed to be ultra-lightweight without compromising their signature punchy response, you've got four different sizes to choose from, complete with Neodymium drivers and slick carbon fibre-style tolex exteriors.

Orange at NAMM

Orange revealed the 'Little Bass Thing' head and 'The Bass Butler' preamp pedal in early January. With 500W of venue-filling headroom, the deceivingly compact 'Little Bass Thing' can handle almost any live situation, while 'The Bass Butler' gives you an even more portable amp solution!

For years, the Orange Terror series amps have proven that biggest sounds can come in the tiniest packages. Taking their pocket-sized powerhouse concept one step further, they’ve released the Terror Stamp. Packing all of the punch of the minuscule Micro Terror and Micro Dark amps into an even smaller pedal format, this Valve/Solid State hybrid amp brings 20 Watts of killer Orange tone right onto your pedalboard.

Neural DSP at NAMM

The Neural DSP Quad Cortex has created quite the buzz! Self-proclaimed, this is “the most powerful floor modeller on the planet” and possesses a “vulgar display of power”.

Quad Cortex boasts Quad-Core SHARC architecture for limitless sound design possibilities. This includes simultaneously running four amplifier models, engulfing stereo reverbs and much more! You’ll also want to read up on Neural Capture (crazy AI technology).

In short, this unit is compact, durable and packed with an unbelievable level of tech that’ll be sure to shake up the amp-modelling scene.

Boss at NAMM

In early December, BOSS took the wraps off its innovative Waza-Air Guitar Amp Headphones. 100% wireless, built-in Bluetooth, immersive "amp-in-a-room" tone, 5 Katana sounds, BOSS Tone Studio compatible, over 50 effects, 5 hours play time & 50mm drivers. They do a lot, and it was definitely a contender for the best product of 2019!

Alongside its game-changing Waza-Air headphones, BOSS also released the SY-1000 - its most powerful guitar/bass synth and modelling processor ever.

BOSS updated its Katana series amps late last year, and the MkII editions have already become best-sellers. Unveiled at NAMM 2020, BOSS has now also updated its premier Katana Artist amplifier too! Newly voiced variations for all five amp characters double your tonal choices, while onboard effects categories have been expanded from three to five. The BOSS Katana Artist MkII is mighty!

There’s a new Acoustic Amp joining the BOSS line up. The Acoustic Singer Live LT is the most streamlined model in the series, offering simplified operation and a more affordable price point for players who don’t need the on-board features found on other amps in the range.

Strymon at NAMM

One of the hottest products from late last year was Strymon's groundbreaking Iridium amp and IR cab simulator pedal. The ultimate solution for pedalboard-based rig aficionados, the Iridium lets you go direct with gorgeous tone. Strymon may have another new product up its sleeve at NAMM, but expect plenty of coverage for the Iridium too!

REVV Amplification at NAMM

Following up from the impressive Two Notes Torpedo-embedded D20 lunchbox amp, REVV have added the high-gain G20 head to their ranks.

They certainly haven’t skimped on impressive premium features, with fully fleshed-out cab sim potential, ground lift, MIDI connection and a variety of sonic controls to pinpoint your modern rock and metal tones. All in a super small package, switchable between four and 20 watts.

Chase Bliss Audio at NAMM

Chase Bliss Audio have recently announced the Automatone Preamp MKII. This engineering collaboration with Chris Benson (of Benson Amps fame) has produced a truly special pedal. Motorised faders adjust on-the-fly; three sets of ten presets allow for personal tweaks; fuzz can be swapped between open and gated settings. They’ve even made a great mini documentary to accompany the launch.

Two Notes at NAMM

Two Notes are considered the godfathers of guitar cab emulation, and their new Torpedo Captor X Compact is a reactive load box, attenuator, cab simulator and I.R. loader - all in one box! Get the best tones out of your tube amp without deafening yourself, while enjoying the exceptional virtual cabinet and room setups that are accessible via an accompanying phone app. Smart!

Origin Effects at NAMM

Origin Effects have launched three new pedals for this year's NAMM show! The RevivalDRIVE and RevivalDRIVE Custom now come in Hot Rod versions designed for searing high-gain tones. The all-new RevivalTREM Bias Tremolo pedal authentically recreates the sound and responsive dynamics of tube tremolo found in classic vintage amps. Old-school amp-like tremolo tones in a pedal-format with in-depth controls and external tap tempo functionality!

Origin Effects also reissued its legendary Cali76-TX and TX-L pedals late last year, giving keen compressor aficionados plenty to drool over. While both pedals guarantee '60s-style FET compression, the TX-L features a high-end Lundahl transformer which is designed to offer ultra-linear performance; making it apt for bass and general studio use.

GFI System at NAMM

Indonesian pedal wizards GFI System released its Synesthesia multi-modulation machine near the end of 2019. With a flexible dual-channel design letting you use two of the pedal's 22 effects simultaneously, the Synesthesia offers near-limitless sonic possibilities!

Walrus Audio at NAMM

Walrus Audio is one of our favourite pedal brands, and we were thrilled at the announcement of their Julia V2 chorus pedal. Updated for 2020, the popular Julia stompbox now has top-mounted jacks, soft switch bypassing and updated art from Adam Forster.

The new D1 Stereo Delay promises high-fidelity audio and flexibility without a complex set of controls. On top of being an ultra-HD ambient stompbox, it comes with multiple programs, delay time subdivisions, 3 tweak modes and MIDI connectivity for organic, complex and downright fun sounds. Supposedly the first pedal in the 'Mako' series, whatever that may be...

ThorpyFX at NAMM

Expect ThorpyFX to push its recently-released Camoflange pedal pretty hard at NAMM, but with many plaudits already; this analogue flanger is popping up on many pedalboards! Designed collaboratively with Dan Coggins (formerly of the Lovetone pedal brand), this stompbox offers some of the most luscious modulation tones we've ever heard.

Also with the help of Dan Coggins, ThorpyFX has redesigned and enhanced the classic old Big Cheese and Brown Source pedals. Introducing ThorpyFX’s take on these classics, the Bunker and the Field Marshall. These ThorpyFx versions take what was good with the original designs and makes them better; less noisy, louder, more flexible and suited for the modern pedalboard.

Milkman at NAMM

The Amp 100 is the new high-powered addition to 'The Amp' lineup that has previously set the standard for pedalboard-sized tube/Class D hybrid guitar amps. Maximum wattage has been increased to 100w and an integrated FET boost circuit and dual-control reverb has been added. A black finish with Walnut end panels and silver knobs completes the new look!

Ashdown at NAMM

After much anticipation, Ashdown has finally joined the bass guitar game! The range comprises of four different body shapes; The Low Rider, The Saint, The Arc and The Grail. The range is expected to be priced around the £1K mark. With matching headstocks and lightweight Alder bodies, these basses are great for regular players, combining impressive specs with even more impressive price-points.

Also on display was the Studio range of amps, designed to offer signature Ashdown tones with a mind-blowing lightweight frame thanks to Neodymium speakers and a new cabinet construction. We also had a look at Ashdown's neat range of stompboxes; beautifully designed to offer everything from punchy compression to popping filter tones.

Check out our video on the Ashdown stand for the lowdown - more info on their NAMM releases coming soon!

Bare Knuckle at NAMM

Made in collaboration with Toska/Dorje guitarist and Andertons TV presenter Rabea Massaad, Bare Knuckle released the powerful 'Silo' humbucker set; Massaad's official signature pickups. Using Alnico V magnets, these pickups promise clear, punchy and articulate tones with clean or distorted amp settings.

Wampler at NAMM

After lots of teasing at last year's NAMM Show, Wampler Pedals officially launched its highly-anticipated Terraform multi-mod pedal a couple of months ago. Boasting 11 studio-quality modulation effects, the Terraform is a powerful multi FX that covers many of the bases.

Eventide at NAMM

Eventide has announced the fully-loaded and limited edition H9 Dark; a black colourway of the award-winning H9 Harmonizer. This colourway will only be available in the MAX model of the H9, which comes equipped with all 52 H9 algorithms, including the brand new TriceraChorus announced at the NAMM Show!

JAM Pedals at NAMM

The Llama gets extreme. Greek pedal builders JAM Pedals have souped up the the Delay Llama, incorporating bucket brigade analogue tech into the popular stompbox. It incorporates four unique, updated voicings, four saveable presets, tap tempo and true bypass.

Poly Effects at NAMM

A newcomer to the competitive world of guitar pedals, Poly Effects produces ultra-modern digital stompboxes filled to the brim with world-class sounds. But the coolest thing about their products? Their large, ergonomic touchscreen interfaces!

The Poly Effects Digit is a powerful digital multi-FX pedal that offers synth-like levels of tweakability for unique tone creation. Ideal for keen effect experimentalists, the Digit is primarily a time-based stompbox that offers high-quality ambient reverb and delay sounds. However, the Digit is able to serve as a mixer too, and with various built-in cabinet impulse responses letting you record direct with the unit - there's not much it can't do!

Vertex at NAMM

The Vertex Steel String is a staple in the clean drive pedal category. Vertex has now made a more pedal-board friendly version of their best-selling unit.

Recreating the feel and tone of the highly-acclaimed Dumble Steel String Singer amp, the Vertex Steel String MkII is identical to its counterpart with the exception of two major improvements. There’s been a 33% reduction in size, and you’ll notice they’ve also added a Jazz/Rock toggle switch to provide a secondary EQ.


EMG has announced some super-cool new signature pickups designed in collaboration with Slipknot guitarist Jim Root and Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo. Upgrade you guitar or bass with these ferocious pickups!

Pedaltrain at NAMM

Five new models to feast upon - Let’s get straight to it... all aboard!

Nano MAX – a 28” Pedaltrain, complete with new platinum SBS zippers, premium shoulder strap and a new shoulder clasp mechanism.

Metro MAX, the second of three new 28” boards. All the same upgrades as Nano MAX in a Metro format.

JR MAX is the final instalment of the MAX series. In addition to the platinum SBS zips and premium strap/clasp, they’ve increased the case sidewall 1” to give a little more flexibility mounting tall gear.

Back by popular demand, the PT-3 became a cult fav, and so Pedaltrain has made a reissue. 24x16, five rails, new zips, new strap, additional 1” sidewall height. Tada!

Last but not least, a tip of the hat to our friends in the multi-FX community. Pro FX is the first in Pedaltrain’s FX series. Flat design, 32x16” Helix users will be pleased to know your valuable gear will now mount without modification.

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