NAMM 2018 - Victory Amplifiers

Victory has launched a pair of gorgeous looking amps with changes and mods that we know you have been asking about for some time.

Yes, the VX100 Super Kraken and V30 MKII are here, as well as the V4 Preamp pedals!

NAMM 2018 Andertons
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Ben Greener

In Victory's short history, it has established itself as a key player in the amp world. We believe that their latest products strengthen their lineup more than before, giving players of all styles and demands something to consider. Let's take a closer look!

This is a 100w behemoth of an amplifier with two channels, three modes and all the high-gain chug you could ever need! Deriving from the incredibly popular VX Kraken, this new 100w version is a tour-ready beast with all of the power you will ever need.

Apart from now having over twice the power of the original, this bigger and better iteration of the Kraken has a clean channel on top of the two gain stages from before. MIDI switching, power downscaling to 30w and a new preamp focus mode are also now built into the amp, for extended flexibility.

The V30 was the amplifier that made Victory a household name in the amp world, and is essentially their flaghip design. Now, it is back with a few tweaks to make it better than ever before.

These changes include a new footswitchable crunch mode on the clean channel (lifted straight from the V130) and a ‘NO-MOD’ switch. This switch changes the bass response for better feel and less mud when playing with high gain sounds, giving you the tones offered by the MkI V30.

Victory V30 MkII Amps on Andertons T.V.

Victory has soft-launched a range of three multi-channel valve preamp pedals that emulate sound of some of their most popular amps. This includes their V30 Countess, the Kraken, and the Sheriff. 

These pedals are best-suited going into the effects loop of your amp, and running them via the four-cable method. This means using the pedal itself, you can switch between the front end of your amp and the preamp. 

These pedals are available to purchase now, click here to learn more!

Victory V4 Preamp Pedals on Andertons T.V.

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