Victory Amplifiers

Victory V4 Guitar Amps & Preamp Pedals

Victory's V4 guitar amps & preamp pedals are based on their flagship amplifier models; squeezing their sounds into portable, pedalboard-friendly devices! These ultra-compact units are perfect for guitarists who love having their core tones at their feet.

Victory V4 Guitar Amps & Preamp Pedals

Victory V4 guitar amps and preamp pedals are analogue, valve-driven devices that can convincingly emulate the tones of the full-fledged Victory amplifiers that they share their names with — including the Kraken, Duchess and more! These extremely compact units are powered by three CV4014 valves and a single EC900; yielding that unmistakable tube amp feel and character. But if you're worried about the fragility of the valves, they're enclosed within robust steel chassis' that offer great protection!

What's the difference between Victory's V4 guitar amps & preamp pedals?

The more expensive Victory V4 guitar amps have full amplifier capabilities, in that they can be plugged into conventional speaker cabinets as they have powerful built-in 180W Class D power amps. These feature-packed devices also boast Two Notes 'DynIR' technology, meaning that they come equipped with virtual cabinet IRs which allow you to use them straight into PA systems or audio interfaces with authentic "mic'd up" tone. Other key features include their own dedicated effects loops and headphone outputs.

Victory's V4 preamp pedals are more stripped down, and are made to be used in conjunction with your existing amp either as a conventional overdrive/distortion pedal, or through your amp's effects loop to give it a completely new voice. As these have less features, they are slightly smaller than their V4 guitar amp counterparts.