Universal Audio

Universal Audio Satellite DSP Accelerators

Universal Audio Satellite DSP Accelerators

Run your plug-ins with extremely low latency using the powerful Universal Audio Satellite accelerators. Take some pressure of your PC, this is nothing for UAD.

Universal Audio are one of the leading brands in recording equipment. Their satellite processors are no different as these powerful boxes can support all your plug-ins without breaking a sweat.

These are simple to use and require little to no installation to get going. If you love using plug-ins and want to free your PC’s processing power to make the most out of your recordings, a Universal Audio Satellite is essential.

Have a browse and you’ll find models with either four or eight onboard processors ready to do the heavy lifting.

There are loads of great effects that can take advantage of the UAD system and its authentic analogue replication. With plug-ins modelling devices from DBX, Lexicon, SSL, Roland, Neve, ENGL and more this system delivers some of the best software emulation of analogue hardware around, even to the small nuances of the pots and faders you would find on each device.

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