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The NAMM Show is the definitive platform for music, sound and event technology communities where over 7,000 brands show off their newest and most-cutting edge products.

We’ve got some of the best coverage of the Winter NAMM show in the world with multiple video teams and journalists on the ground keeping us up to speed. So keep your eyes on this page for the latest and greatest news from NAMM 2019.

The 2019 Winter NAMM Show: 24th - 27th January

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Hot off the press - NAMM 2019

We have the largest UK team on the ground in California, with exclusive video content and all the latest releases from NAMM 2019! Whether it's guitars, amplifiers, pedals or something that completely breaks the mould - we've got it covered. Watch this page for all the latest releases from the top brands!

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Top News

Warwick at NAMM

Warwick is one of the most highly-regarded brands in the world of bass, and for 2019 they've released a couple of stunning limited edition Corvette $$ basses! Featuring gorgeous Californian Buckeye Burl tops, only 50 of each model will be available worldwide. Check out the 4-string and 5-string models now!

Peterson at NAMM

If there was a crème de la crème of tuners, frankly, anything Peterson makes is just that. Their new Strobo Stomp HD tuner pedal has a fresh and modern-looking enclosure, with a bright HD colour display and razor sharp 0.1 cent accuracy. Be prepared to see this on a lot of pedalboards soon!


PRS has unleashed 3 new SE models to expand its ever-growing signature lineup. With the gorgeous SE Paul's Guitar (available in Amber, Red and Aqua), there's also the wacky SE Schizoid King Crimson signature model and the exotic-looking SE Santana Singlecut Trem. We're sure that these will be a hit in 2019 and beyond!

Martin at NAMM

Martin have unveiled a number of new models for this year's NAMM show. Some are new finishes, some are revamped classics, some are entirely new models - there's something for everyone. Hot picks include the Dreadnought Junior with Cherry Stain finish, the Slope-Shouldered DSS-15M Streetmaster and the GPC-13E Grand Performance. Check out the full Martin range here.

Vox at NAMM

Vox has expanded its popular VX amp range with two new contenders - the VX15 GT and VX50 GTV. Both boasting 11 different amp models and 8 built-in effects, these light, affordable amplifiers are perfect for beginners or intermediates. Vox has also released 2 modified versions of its AC15 combos - the AC15C1-G12C and AC15HW1-G12C. Featuring US-made Warehouse G12C speakers, these lend a unique, American flavour to the iconic British chime of the AC15.

Strymon at NAMM

Just when we were starting to wonder what on earth Strymon could do next, they surprised us all and launched the Volante! This inspiring pedal features three magnetic delay types, spring reverb, a looper and much, much more. Trust us, the sky is the limit with this powerful stompbox...

Orange at NAMM

Orange Amps has unveiled 2 new products for the NAMM Show. The TremLord 30 is a unique take on the classic ‘50s valve amp, while the Pedal Baby is a compact 100W power amp - the perfect blank canvas for your pedals!

EarthQuaker Devices at NAMM

Wacky stompbox scientists EarthQuaker Devices have unveiled their ingenious new Swiss Things, a compact loop pedal & A/B switcher (trust us, it's very cool). The company has also released the 3rd iteration of its popular Dispatch Master Reverb & Delay - better than ever before!

HeadRush at NAMM

The FRFR-108 is the latest addition to HeadRush's speaker range. A more compact version of the FRFR-112, this speaker is not only more portable, but it also makes it one of the most affordable FRFR cabs on the market! Get the full lowdown on the HeadRush FRFR-108 here!

Mad Professor at NAMM

Finnish pedal-makers Mad Professor are known for their diverse catalogue, producing anything from overdrives to delays and reverbs - you name it! Their Double Moon pedal takes this ethos one step further. Packing 3 essential modulation effects into a compact enclosure, the Double Moon is a chorus, flanger and vibrato pedal - all-in-one! Find out more about the Mad Professor Double Moon here.

Supro at NAMM

Supro is a popular boutique brand, providing us with nostalgic, old-school amplifiers that recapture the legendary '50s and '60s sound. Their new Blues King 12 is certainly no exception, a 15W valve-powered combo that projects plenty of British bark. Supro has also faithfully recreated one of David Bowie's most iconic guitars, the 1961 Dual Tone Hardtail!

Blackstar at NAMM

Blackstar has kicked off 2019 with a bang, releasing their all new Studio 10 amp combos. Three different power amp flavours, stylish aesthetics, British design. They're seriously cool! Blackstar has also introduced new MkII versions of its HT Series 20W, 5W and 1W amps. Available in head and combo formats, these valve-powered workhorses now boast USB connectivity, balanced emulated XLR outputs and power reduction switches!

Ibanez at NAMM

Ibanez unveiled the bulk of its 2019 lineup on January 1st, and in typical fashion, they've added some incredible new models to their diverse catalogue. With the high-end RG5000 range and the return of the quirky Affirma bass, Ibanez has thrown the kitchen sink right at 2019! Discover the Ibanez 2019 range here.

ThorpyFX at NAMM

ThorpyFX have branched out for this year's NAMM show. Known for their rugged, world-class overdrives, boosts and compressors, they're taking their tones to uncharted depths. Introducing The Deep Oggin, a gloriously watery analog modulation pedal.


ESP Guitars launched its entire 2019 catalogue in December, giving all of us a glimpse at its main contenders for next year. With some affordable signature models added to the lineup and the expansion of the Japanese-made E-II line, there's a lot to be excited about! Check out ESP's 2019 catalogue here.

Schecter at NAMM

Schecter's Reaper guitars were announced at the end of 2018 and will be a welcome addition to the lineup with 6 and 7-string guitars including hard tails and floyd rose models with a healthy dose of fanned frets in the mix. Take a look at the Schecter NAMM 2019 launches here.

Pedaltrain at NAMM

Pedaltrain looks like it's seriously in the mood for innovation right now! On the back of its super-discrete SST (Space Saving Tuner) and the improved Volto V3 rechargeable power supply, what else will the company unveil for 2019? View the rest of Pedaltrain's accessories range here.

Fender at NAMM

Fender kicked things off early when it unveiled its American Performer line in December. Replacing the American Special range, these are the most affordable US-made models currently offered by Fender. Although not officially a NAMM Show release, there's no doubt that Fender will be exhibiting these prominently at the show in January. See the American Performer range now!

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