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The NAMM Show is the definitive platform for music, sound and event technology communities where over 7,000 brands show off their newest and most-cutting edge products.

We’ve got some of the best coverage of the Winter NAMM show in the world with multiple video teams and journalists on the ground keeping us up to speed. So keep your eyes on this page for the latest and greatest news from NAMM 2019.

The 2019 Winter NAMM Show: 24th - 27th January 2019

The 2019 Summer NAMM Show: 18th - 20th July 2019

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Gibson at NAMM

Gibson have made a big impact at the NAMM 2019 show by announcing that they’re returning to roots with a brand new lineup including Les Pauls, SGs, Vs, Firebirds and Explorers that hearken back to the originals. We’ll be one of the first to bring you the news and guitars when they’re available to buy but can guarantee, these are the Gibson guitars that we’ve all been waiting for.

The Chris Cornell Tribute ES-335 has also been announced and looks very similar to his original signature model but will only be made available in limited numbers so you’d better quick if you want one.

Marshall at NAMM

Marshall's resurrected some of its most adored models from the past and packed them into super-compact, 20W studio-friendly head and combo enclosures! As part of the Studio range, you can now get mini versions of the legendary JCM800, 1959SLP Super Lead and the Silver Jubilee.

Fender at NAMM

Fender kicked off its NAMM 2019 release schedule with the bold-looking Acoustasonic Tele! Pushing the boundaries of guitar design, this acoustic/electric hybrid has been built for modern musicians looking for the ultimate expressive tool.

Taking "unique" even further, Fender unveiled the Alternate Reality series at this year's NAMM Show too. Similar to their Parallel Universe range from last year, the Alternate Reality series encompasses a number of affordable and unusual models, mixing the elements of their established designs. So far they've released a couple of stylish offsets - the Powercaster and Sixty-Six.

Fender also expanded its pedal range with 6 new contenders, including a powerful multi-fx for bass! And if you love Fender amps, they've added the new 30R combo to their Bassbreaker range, and an uber-powerful 800-watt head to the Rumble bass amp line!

For those that adore Fender guitars with some bling, the new Rarities Collection will be right up your street! With more models released over the next 12 months, these limited edition, exotic wood guitars really make a statement.

Fender made serious headlines with its Jimmy Page Signature Dragon and Mirror Telecasters. Based on the instrument that Page used to record Led Zeppelin's debut album, these incredibly distinctive guitars bring both nostalgic and tonal joy to serious fans.

Taylor at NAMM

As the first new Taylor body shape in years, the Grand Pacific series is based on their award-winning V-Class bracing and a true love for bluegrass and country tone. These curvy dreadnoughts sound warmer and broader than any other modern Taylor release, all whilst maintaining a crisp low-end perfect for studio use.


PRS has unleashed 3 new SE models to expand its ever-growing signature lineup. With the gorgeous SE Paul's Guitar (available in Amber, Red and Aqua), there's also the wacky SE Schizoid King Crimson signature model and the exotic-looking SE Santana Singlecut Trem. PRS has also unveiled 4 luxurious new finishes for their John Mayer Silver Sky: Dodgem Blue, Moc Sand, Golden Mesa and Orion Green.

Alvarez at NAMM

Alvarez is known for its massive acoustic guitar range, and at NAMM 2019 they've expanded the Artist Series with new Elite models! Boasting premium woods, these stunning instruments feature Alvarez's middle-shifted bracing - striking the perfect balance between strength and resonance. Expect powerful mid-range tones and mid-range prices!

Squier at NAMM

Old is the new, new. At least for Squier. They’ve announced the revamped Classic Vibe range – a true throwback to '60s and '70s Fender models. These pack loads of retro specs like rounded ‘C’ necks and oversized headstocks. A blast from the past!

Boss at NAMM

Although it was teased a couple of months ago, Boss has officially launched its innovative Tube Amp Expander. This powerful device is Boss' answer to the demands of many modern players; those looking to add more flexibility to their traditional valve amp for both performing and recording applications.

Orange at NAMM

Orange Amps has unveiled 2 new products for the NAMM Show. The TremLord 30 is a unique take on the classic ‘50s valve amp, while the Pedal Baby is a compact 100W power amp - the perfect blank canvas for your pedals!

Ibanez at NAMM

Ibanez unveiled the bulk of its 2019 lineup on January 1st, and in typical fashion, they've added some incredible new models to their diverse catalogue. With the high-end RG5000 range and the return of the quirky Affirma bass, Ibanez has thrown the kitchen sink right at 2019! Discover the Ibanez 2019 range here.

Milkman at NAMM

Milkman's 'The Amp' pedal was a huge hit at NAMM last year; essentially a 100W head packed into a pedalboard-friendly box. For 2019, they've put the same circuitry in a tiny combo format, featuring a super-lightweight Neodymium Celestion Creamback speaker. This means that you can quite literally pick up this amp with your little finger, while enjoying pure, valve-powered American tones!

The reverb and tremolo effects from 'The Amp' have also been separated into a new pedal called the F-Stop, letting you spruce up the tone of your existing amp.

Strymon at NAMM

Just when we were starting to wonder what on earth Strymon could do next, they surprised us all and launched the Volante! This inspiring pedal features three magnetic delay types, spring reverb, a looper and much, much more. Trust us, the sky is the limit with this powerful stompbox...

Blackstar at NAMM

Blackstar has kicked off 2019 with a bang, releasing their all new Studio 10 amp combos. Three different power amp flavours, stylish aesthetics, British design. They're seriously cool! Blackstar has also introduced new MkII versions of its HT Series 20W, 5W and 1W amps. Available in head and combo formats, these valve-powered workhorses now boast USB connectivity, balanced emulated XLR outputs and power reduction switches!

Seymour Duncan at NAMM

Seymour Duncan has already collaborated with Mark Holcomb before with his signature pickup set, but for NAMM 2019 they've unveiled a signature pedal! A powerful delay and reverb combo, Holcomb's Dark Sun stompbox is a dream for ambient guitarists, with plenty of routing options that will keep even the most experimental of players engaged for hours.

Snake Oil at NAMM

Chapman has launched its very own stompbox sub-brand, introducing Snake Oil pedals! Launching the company with two designs, the Marvellous Engine Distortion and the Very Thing Boost, these handmade-in-the-UK tone enhancers will give you first-class sounds!

Origin Effects at NAMM

Unveiled last year, the Origin Effects RevivalDrive was an instant hit at Andertons. However, its daunting price and vast feature-set may have scared off some players, which is why Origin Effects has launched the RevivalDrive Compact - a condensed down version of the original unit. Packing the best of the full-fat RevivalDrive into one of Origin's single pedal enclosures, space-conscious players can enjoy the convincing cranked valve amp sounds offered by the RevivalDrive Compact - and its far more accessible price-point!

Vox at NAMM

Vox has expanded its popular VX amp range with two new contenders - the VX15 GT and VX50 GTV. Both boasting 11 different amp models and 8 built-in effects, these light, affordable amplifiers are perfect for beginners or intermediates. Vox has also released 2 modified versions of its AC15 combos - the AC15C1-G12C and AC15HW1-G12C. Featuring US-made Warehouse G12C speakers, these lend a unique, American flavour to the iconic British chime of the AC15.

Electro-Harmonix at NAMM

The Attack Decay tape reverse simulator is back in the world of EHX. This pedal is a cult classic for those chasing unique, warbly guitar tones. And if you’re after a more straightforward approach then you’ll love their new Bass mono synth pedal with 11 different voicings and some awesome vintage synth emulations.

In addition, they've unveiled the Super Switcher - as the name suggests, it's a pedal switching powerhouse, with mono/stereo sends and returns, 16 footswitches, up to 128 presets and much more!

Line 6 at NAMM

Who said the world doesn’t need another wireless system? This new iteration of the G10 saves even more space and adds a DI output making it useful for acoustic guitarists and bassists too. The Line 6 wireless systems are built like tanks and this new G10 is no different.

Xotic Pedals at NAMM

Xotic have announced 2 new pedals for their boutique lineup that’ll both take your tone to the next level. Both promise to clean up your tone and add signal strength. The Super Clean Buffer is a great utility pedal and the Super Sweet Booster will make you wonder how you ever went without it. Just try turning it off – your tone will never be the same again.

Music Man at NAMM

Uber-shredder Jason Richardson has finally released his long-anticipated signature model with Music Man! Based on the Cutlass shape, this 7-string beast features a lightweight Alder body, Burl top, Roasted Maple neck and Music Man-designed humbuckers with a versatile coil-split function.

The Jason Richardson model is reportedly one of several new signature releases they're working on. Joe Dart, bassist of Soul/funk outfit Vulfpeck, was spotted performing at the NAMM show with a new prototype - keep your eyes peeled!

Ernie Ball at NAMM

Ernie Ball have announced 2 sets of slinky strings to their lineup. Both are hybrid sets – the Ultra Slinky (10-48) and the Burly Slinky (11-52) for drop tuning and a bit more attitude. They’ve also announced the VPJR which combines a volume pedal with a tuner and is a stroke of pure genius saving you space on your pedalboard. We’ll bring you more information soon…

GFI System at NAMM

Indonesian pedal scientists GFI System have brought a prototype multi-modulation stompbox to NAMM 2019. Allowing you to employ two effects simultaneously, you can use chorus into tremolo, or phaser into flanger - whatever you want! GFI has also teased a compact version of its Cabzeus speaker simulator; sure to be a hit with mini pedalboard lovers!

Victory Amps at NAMM

Victory amps have announced a British made 100w version of their popular clean amp called the Super Duchess V140. This is the perfect platform for players with discerning taste looking for big bold cleans similar to American-voiced clean amps of old.

Chase Bliss Audio at NAMM

Chase Bliss Audio has established itself as one of the most innovative pedal brands around, and this reputation is fully deserved and evident with their new Preamp MkII stompbox. Designed in collaboration with Benson Amps, this powerful pedal has motorised faders and can deliver anything from a pushed boost sounds to gnarly fuzz tones! It's seriously cool...

Walrus Audio at NAMM

The Lillian phaser is new from Walrus Audio and draws inspiration from the Julia pedal. It’s an all analog multi-stage Phaser pedal ready to provide you with washy modulated sounds. It’s also got the unique blend between Dry, Chorus and Vibrato that’s been widely regarded on the Julia Chorus. Walrus also updated their Deep Six compressor with top mounted inputs and other neat features.

Friedman at NAMM

Friedman have announced a mini 20W version of their powerful Jerry Cantrell JJ signature head. With tons of gain on tap, you can achieve brutally heavy tones that are perfect for drop-tuned riffs. We will have more information on this amp soon…

Atomic at NAMM

Atomic has updated its AmpliFire software with brand new amp models, including an Ampeg SVT for bassists and a PRS Archon emulation for high-gain hounds. They've also added pitch and harmony effects to the AmpliFire 6 and 12 models, expanding the vast collection of effects even more!

Moving onto the hardware side of things, bass players will also rejoice at Atomic's new Bass Box. Similar to the Ampli-FireBox, the Bass Box is designed specifically for bassists with built-in compressor, limiting and boost effects, amp modelling and a hugely powerful EQ section for fine tone-tweaking.

Wampler at NAMM

Brian Wampler has become one of the most respected pedal-builders in the industry, and for 2019 his company has unveiled its latest creation - the Terraform. A powerful DSP-powered multi-modulation machine, the Wampler Terraform boasts univibe, chorus, vibrato, flanger and tremolo sounds to cover all of your needs. With 8 presets, MIDI in/out and a newly-designed enclosure; this is a pedal made for modern guitarists!

TC Electronic at NAMM

Danish manufacturer TC Electronic have been teasing a classic-style chorus pedal for quite some time. At this year's show, they finally unveiled the Juno 60, a Roland Juno-6-style chorus pedal with just two modes. Use them in isolation or combine for dreamy swirling tones. Plus it totally looks the part. More info coming soon...

Eventide at NAMM

The new Eventide Rose is a gem in a world full of delay pedals. The aim here is to get the texture and tonality of an analog delay but with the precision and versatility of a digital delay. Have Eventide achieved that? We think so!

Mooer at NAMM

Are Mooer going to disrupt the multi-effects market with the feature-packed GE300? More info to follow soon but we expect this Amp modeller with impulse responses, polyphonic synth engine and tone capture mode to be very competitively priced.

Fishman at NAMM

Over the last couple of years, we've seen Fishman really start to take over the electric guitar pickup market with its Fluence range. However, for 2019, they've let bassists get in on the action! Expanding its Fluence line with active, multi-voice soapbar bass pickups, these dynamic tone-drivers offer Classic, Funk and Modern voicings for unparalleled versatility.

Greer Amps at NAMM

Greer Amps picked up the coveted 'Best in Show' award with its Soma '63 pedal. Based on the sound and features of a vintage brown F-style amp, this pedal simulates the preamp, controls and power section of the originals without any of the hassle that comes with old valve amps. Also able to emulate the 4x10" speaker cab for a huge, high-headroom sound, this pedal takes you from bold cleans all the way to spitty, saturated tones when you crank the gain.

Duesenberg at NAMM

Duesenberg have unveiled some eye-popping new finishes at this year's NAMM. The Double Cat & Starplayer both have some fresh looks, including a rather swanky faux-crocodile skin aesthetic.

They've also announced a new design in collaboration with Boston-based folk-punk outfit Dropkick Murphys: the Alliance Dropkick Murphys Series. At the moment, the series features a semi-hollow bass and a semi-hollow guitar, both in stunning Catalina Green Burst with custom hardware.

Finally, they've given players the chance to purchase a limited edition Stand Up To Cancer mirror scratchplate, with all proceeds going to the charity. Check out all Duesenberg NAMM 2019 releases by clicking here!


JHS makes some of our favourite pedals, and they've released 5 awesome new contenders for NAMM 2019 - the Clover Preamp, Whitey Tighty Compressor, Switchback Box, Active A/B/Y and the Summing Amp!

Gretsch at NAMM

Gretsch has dazzled us with its 2019 lineup! Encompassing some glorious new Player's Edition models and a raft of new Streamliner guitars, Gretsch has made a statement with its 2019 offerings. Click here to check them out!

Charvel at NAMM

Charvel has kicked off 2019 with a bang, expanding its range with new signature models and applying fresh finishes to its classic designs. Their coolest 2019 release is arguably the Angel Vivaldi Signature DK24-7, a stunning 7-string beast with gold hardware, offset inlays and a reverse headstock. Take a gander at their entire 2019 range!

Peavey at NAMM

Peavey have quietly announced a smaller version of the monstrous Misha Mansoor signature head - the Invective MH Mini Head! This more compact version offers 20W of valve power (compared to its 120W big brother), it's powered by a pair of EL84 valves with three 12AX7/ECC83 preamp valves. Other crucial features include adaptive EQ, emulated cab/microphone out via XLR and USB, power attenuator - and did we mentioned it's super compact?


MXR and Jim Dunlop always dish out some treats at the NAMM Show, and 2019 is no exception. Their coolest release is arguably the Dookie Drive, a powerful Marshall-style distortion pedal that recaptures the guitar sound from Green Day's legendary Dookie album from 1994. The Dyna Comp Mini Bass Compressor is another great addition to the lineup, while Jerry Cantrell's Signature Cry Baby Wah pedal has received a tasteful makeover in celebration of Alice in Chains' latest album, Rainier Fog.

Markbass at NAMM

2019 is their 18th birthday, so Italian manufacturer Markbass have seriously pulled out the stops for this year's show. A number of new additions to their Gold Line include the Little Mark Vintage head with a valve preamp and the Mark Tube Compressor, with an ECC81 valve taking care of the compression. They've also unveiled the MB Octaver Raw pedal, a new range of headphones, and out of nowhere, a couple of signature Richard Bona basses! There's more info on the way - check out our video for the lowdown!

Kemper at NAMM

After years of waiting, Kemper has finally launched a brand new product to join its Profiler line. Unveiling an FRFR cabinet designed specifically for the Profiling amps, Kemper are following in the footsteps of their modelling amp rivals. It is believed that there will be some sort of loadable IR trickery involving the Kemper cone within the new Profile Editor, but that's just speculation! Info to follow soon...

Reverend at NAMM

Reverend guitars are adored at Andertons Music Co, and they've just taken the wraps off their latest signature model - the Greg Koch Gristlemaster! Available in 3 timeless colours (Wow Red, Trans Powder Yellow, Trans Blucifer Blue), these T-style guitars boast Fishman pickups, roasted Maple necks and chambered bodies for optimal tones!

Chowny at NAMM

Our favourite British bass brand, Chowny, has unveiled a brand new range - the NT series! Available in 4-string amd 5-string formats, these basses feature neck-through constructions, all-Aguilar electronics (including active/passive switching) and high-quality Hipshot hardware. In typical Chowny style, these instruments boast shorter 32.7" scales to improve playability without losing definition. We're sure these will be winners in 2019!

Laney at NAMM

Laney's Black Country Customs sub-brand is really taking off in 2019; unveiling 3 new pedals to expand the lineup. The Monolith Distortion Pedal is a gritty-sounding British OD, taking you from classic rock to filthy high-gain. Meanwhile the Secret Path Reverb is a subtler affair, able to provide classic spring tones to ambient cathedral-like bliss. The Steelpark Boost is the ultimate lead kicker, pushing your sound above everything else in any mix!

Jackson at NAMM

Jackson keep on delivering the goods, and at this year's NAMM Show they've unleashed plenty of new instruments to strengthen their acclaimed lineup. Resurrecting the old-school Randy Rhoads V shape with the CD Series models, Jackson has also poached Jeff Loomis and designed him a Signature US-made Kelly guitar. View their whole 2019 lineup by clicking here!

Martin at NAMM

Martin have unveiled a number of new models for this year's NAMM show. Some are new finishes, some are revamped classics, some are entirely new models - there's something for everyone. Hot picks include the Dreadnought Junior with Cherry Stain finish, the Slope-Shouldered DSS-15M Streetmaster and the GPC-13E Grand Performance. Check out the full Martin NAMM 2019 range here.

ThorpyFX at NAMM

ThorpyFX have branched out for this year's NAMM show. Known for their rugged, world-class overdrives, boosts and compressors, they're taking their tones to uncharted depths. Introducing The Deep Oggin, a gloriously watery analog modulation pedal.

Dingwall at NAMM

There was plenty of exciting stuff at the Dingwall booth this year. First up, a 5-string version of ther D Bird design, a take on the classic Gibson offset bass. The D Bird features shifted pin straps and neck heel for a more comfortable, steady playing experience.

There were some new finishes for the NG (Nolly Getgood) line-up, including Aquamarine metallic and an eye-popping Pink Swirl. Other releases include Dingwall's very own pro-grade gigbag and some 10th anniversary Combustion models with Quilt Maple tops. 

Darkglass at NAMM

Darkglass Electronics, the pioneers of modern bass tones, have released 2 new heads to join their amp lineup. The Microtubes 900 V2 is the new and improved version of the original 900 head, now featuring a slick multi-band EQ section for precise tone-shaping. Darkglass has also launched the Alpha Omega 900 Jon Stockman signature head, allowing you to recreate the legendary tones of Karnivool's 6-stringer.

EarthQuaker Devices at NAMM

Wacky stompbox scientists EarthQuaker Devices have unveiled their ingenious new Swiss Things, a compact loop pedal & A/B switcher (trust us, it's very cool). The company has also released the 3rd iteration of its popular Dispatch Master Reverb & Delay - better than ever before!

Mythos at NAMM

The Mythos Argo is the US company’s take on the classic C.O.B. octave fuzz sound used by Hendrix and SRV. Tweak the controls and you'll feel it react to every nuance of your playing - try the volume knob on your guitar and hear it sing!

Old Blood Noise at NAMM

Oklahoma-based pedal makers Old Blood Noise Endeavours debuted the Rêver delay/reverb pedal towards the end of last year but only in very limited quantities. Now it’s back as a legit NAMM release for all of us to enjoy! Expect more of that ambient goodness in collaboration with shoegaze band Datachoir.

Warwick at NAMM

Warwick is one of the most highly-regarded brands in the world of bass, and for 2019 they've released a couple of stunning limited edition Corvette $$ basses! Featuring gorgeous Californian Buckeye Burl tops, only 50 of each model will be available worldwide. Check out the 4-string and 5-string models now!

Vemuram at NAMM

Japanese pedal giants Vemuram have worked with modern blues master Josh Smith to design a powerful fuzz, featuring both silicon and germanium transistors. With your guitar signal running through both in series, a field control can manipulate the feedback between both transistors, while a tone control influences its treble frequencies. This innovative pedal has to be heard to be believed - really!

Vemuram also designed a new Tube Screamer in collaboration with Ibanez, combining elements of their own Jan Ray circuit with the classic 808. With a dip switch that affects compression, this pedal is an outstanding tone enhancer, with soaring highs and a hugely dynamic response.

Peterson at NAMM

If there was a crème de la crème of tuners, frankly, anything Peterson makes is just that. Their new Strobo Stomp HD tuner pedal has a fresh and modern-looking enclosure, with a bright HD colour display and razor sharp 0.1 cent accuracy. Be prepared to see this on a lot of pedalboards soon!

Hotone at NAMM

Hotone produces some of the best affordable guitar pedals around, and their new Ampero is a potential Helix killer! With a touch screen, 244 built-in effects, 64 amp models, 60 cab emulations and an expression pedal, this powerful device can't be beaten at its price-point.


Eddie Van Halen's eponymous company is still going strong entering 2019. Boasting a range of new Wolfgang models available in some super-cool finishes, the most notable release is the 'Shark' guitar, based on one of Eddie's most distinctive instruments. View the EVH 2019 catalogue now!

HeadRush at NAMM

The FRFR-108 is the latest addition to HeadRush's speaker range. A more compact version of the FRFR-112, this speaker is not only more portable, but it also makes it one of the most affordable FRFR cabs on the market! Get the full lowdown on the HeadRush FRFR-108 here!

Mad Professor at NAMM

Finnish pedal-makers Mad Professor are known for their diverse catalogue, producing anything from overdrives to delays and reverbs - you name it! Their Double Moon pedal takes this ethos one step further. Packing 3 essential modulation effects into a compact enclosure, the Double Moon is a chorus, flanger and vibrato pedal - all-in-one! Find out more about the Mad Professor Double Moon here.

Supro at NAMM

Supro is a popular boutique brand, providing us with nostalgic, old-school amplifiers that recapture the legendary '50s and '60s sound. Their new Blues King 12 is certainly no exception, a 15W valve-powered combo that projects plenty of British bark. Supro has also faithfully recreated one of David Bowie's most iconic guitars, the 1961 Dual Tone Hardtail!

Dwarfcraft Devices at NAMM

US FX-freaks Dwarfcraft have unleashed two typically bonkers pedals for this year's NAMM Show. Check out the Treeverb Reverb and the Body Mod modulation machine - they're both totally nuts!


ESP Guitars launched its entire 2019 catalogue in December, giving all of us a glimpse at its main contenders for next year. With some affordable signature models added to the lineup and the expansion of the Japanese-made E-II line, there's a lot to be excited about! Check out ESP's 2019 catalogue here.

Schecter at NAMM

Schecter's Reaper guitars were announced at the end of 2018 and will be a welcome addition to the lineup with 6 and 7-string guitars including hard tails and floyd rose models with a healthy dose of fanned frets in the mix. Schecter also released plenty of new signature models, and expanded its SLS Elite series with some gorgeous basses. Take a look at the Schecter NAMM 2019 launches here.

Pedaltrain at NAMM

Pedaltrain looks like it's seriously in the mood for innovation right now! On the back of its super-discrete SST (Space Saving Tuner) and the improved Volto V3 rechargeable power supply, what else will the company unveil for 2019? View the rest of Pedaltrain's accessories range here.

Neunaber at NAMM

Brian Neunaber is known for being a very intelligent guy who makes very intelligent pedals. This year, he unveiled an evolved prototype of his new preamp pedal, the Neuron Gain Intelligence. This incredible stompbox comes fully equipped with everything you need for a full amplified guitar tone. Crisp clean to heavy distortion, 3-band EQ, built-in noise gate, presence and tight controls, cab simulation, MIDI connectivity, up to 24 present slots - fully loaded.

Genzler at NAMM

Arizona-based manufacturer Genzler make some of the most innovative and sought-after amp solutions in the world. They specialise in bass gear, with a range of ultra-compact heads and unique cabinets that are built for professionals. At this year's NAMM they showcased these unique concepts, featuring powerful woofers, angled cabs and a bold tweeter-less line array feature. These stackable cabs sound every bit as cutting-edge as they look! Also on display was their flagship Magellan range of heads and combos, featuring unprecedented control over your tone and response.

Live from NAMM 2019!

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