Captain Lee Anderton's Rig

Lee Anderton is the Captain of this ship, but more importantly he loves his guitar gear! With his signature Cap10 Chapman Guitar, his fabled Les Paul and a love of relic'd Strats, the Captain has an eclectic taste to say the least!

It probably comes from being surrounded by awesome musical equipment his entire life! It is quite literally in his blood!

With over 30 years of experience playing, selling and purchasing guitars, Lee knows a thing or two when it comes to gear - so let's take a look into what his go-to guitars, pedals and amps are!

About Captain Anderton

Lee has a passion for all things Blues and Rock. His signature low-gain sound and tasty vibrato has made him a firm favourite with our YouTube following. With the pick of the shop, Lee often finds himself wielding a classic Les Paul or Stratocaster. That being said, when he's got some down-time he can often be found playing an ES335 through a Yamaha THR10 practice amp.

When it comes to Pedals the Captain has a few firm favourites including the TC Ditto, The Dane from Thorpy FX and the Mythos Mjolnir to name a few! A rundown of the Captain's Rig just wouldn't be complete without a tip of the hat to the PRS 594 he was gifted by the man himself - Paul Reed Smith at Winter NAMM 2018.

The Captain's Signature ML1 CAP10

The Captain's Pedalboard

Q & A with Captain Lee Anderton

What was your first guitar?

“Piano - gave up, Clarinet - gave up, Bass Guitar - gave up. Then I said ‘Can I play the Guitar?’ And Dad said ‘you’ve got to buy your own’ - So I saved up some pocket money and I bought my own Acoustic Guitar.”

What do you look for when buying a new guitar?

“I’ve tried thousands of guitars in my time, but I like to keep things simple. I know what I like and I’ve found It amongst my rather modest collection. My advice would be to choose a guitar that you get an instant connection with.”

What's your classic, go-to setup?

"As long as I’ve got an amp with reverb in it, a drive pedal that gives me a sound I like and the option to put in some echo (which invariably people then say ‘can you turn that off please because it’s making everything too mushy’) I’m happy!"

Final Thoughts

Lee has multiple rigs; practice rig, video rig and home setup. We've done our best to compile Lee's favourite gear, as well as some alternatives that won't bust the bank.

Not everyone has as much access to equipment as the Captain does - owning a guitar shop definitely has its perks. So, it's safe to say that Lee has tried his fair share of gear and knows what he likes and why!

Want to sound like the Captain but still unsure about which guitar suits you best? Or maybe you want to get some alternative pedal ideas? Why not check out our handy instrument buyers' guides - we've got guides for guitars, pickup types, pedals and amps.

Check out our YouTube channel to see more of the Captain's gear in action.

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