Cornerstone Music Gear

A family-owned company who make all their guitar pedals by hand in the beautiful country of Italy. What's not to love?!

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Cornerstone Music Gear

Cornerstone are a heart warming brand founded in 2014 by husband and wife duo Emilio and Linda, who have backgrounds in aerospace engineering and logistics.

Each of their guitar pedals are meticulously built from the ground up, incorporating all-analogue electronics and true bypass for the freshest, most natural of tones. Their design philosophy is to create classic-sounding pedals with a a slight twist, giving each of their creations truly unique character.

The Gladio is easily their most highly-renowned pedal. This is a double preamp housing creamy, smooth tones akin to a Robben Ford or Eric Johnson signature sound in the one channel, and a hard clipping jazz rock tone in the other. Each channel is extremely touch sensitive and dynamic, and gives you the ability to set compression and distortion boost. You can even stack the two channels, like you would multiple overdrive pedals for a lush harmonic content-rich tone.

Also in the pedal line-up is the Sparkle dynamic overdrive, Antique classic drive, Zefiro compressor and Flame clean boost. Check them out below in our round-up video: