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Blackstar Silverline Amps

Blackstar's stylish Silverline series encompasses the brand's most versatile guitar amplifiers to date. Modern modelling technology meets tasteful boutique styling - at an affordable price-point!

Blackstar Silverline Amps

Building on their critically-acclaimed ID:Series technology, Blackstar's flexible Silverline guitar amps feature a unique dual patent design, with a high-powered SHARC processor to deliver uncompromising tone for every playing style.

Using patented TVP technology, all Blackstar Silverline amps boast a 'Response' control that lets you emulate the dynamics, sag and break-up of 6 classic valve power amps. Combined with 6 unique Blackstar Voices, 'ISF' tone shaping and studio-quality effects; Blackstar Silverline digital amps are among the most versatile currently available on the market.

This makes Silverline amps all-encompassing workhorses for recording and live performance, especially with 128 onboard patches that let you save and recall your favourite tones. USB connectivity and speaker emulated outputs also make it simple to capture your tones in wide stereo at home or in the studio too!

Some guitarists are put off by the overly-modern, sterile styling of today's digital modelling amps. That's why Blackstar has designed elegant enclosures for its Silverline series amps, inspired by some of the world's most stunning boutique amplifiers.