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Kemper Profiling Amp PowerHead in Black With Remote Footswitch

600W Powered Head Version of the Most Innovative Modelling Amp on the Market With a Remote Footswitch!



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Kemper Profiler OS Update 9.0

What's New?

  • Kemper Liquid profiles are the next innovation for modern guitar players, providing superior sound quality and authenticity of your profile choice. Choose from the exact profile amp with access to the original bandwidth of the amplifier design.
  • USB MIDI can now be transferred via a USB cable - the same cable used for the Rig Manager and USB Audio, mirroring the functionality of MIDI IN and OUT sockets.
  • Low Cut and High Cut filters are now available in the cabinet and can now be stored as part of any cabinet presets.
  • USB Audio now turns the Profiler into your new Studio Central. Features re-amping mode. Turns the Profiler into a powerful DSP FX device.
  • Browse Rig Packs in Rig Manager and be directed to the maker's online stores.
  • Control the Profiling process from Rig Manager.
Product Description

Please check system requirements to ensure that the Kemper Profiling Amp will work with your computer set up. Comes with a UK power cable.

Since the original Kemper came out guitarists have been crying out for this: the Kemper Profiler PowerHead Amp! Now with a built in 600w Class D power amplifier the Kemper can drive your favourite guitar cab or can operate like the original Kemper through a powered monitor with cab-emulation. Finally you can take the comprehensive tone aresnal that is the Kemper Profiling Amp to the stage and us it with a proper guitar cab!

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The Remote

The Kemper Profiler is a must have for any studio that works a lot with guitarists as it allows you to capture the amps sound as you record it and store it just in case something goes wrong or you need to do some reamping later. With hundreds of amps available at your disposal why not take it to the stage as well? You now can with the Kemper Remote included in this bundle.

This footswitch adds in extra control not only to select what patch you are on but it also gives you access to a 30 second looper, FX switches for instant changes to the patch you are on and with the ability to add 4 different separate expression pedals you really can take full control with your feet. The large screen built in also allows you to see exactly what patch you are on and what you have selected at any given time.

Now includes Bass Amp Presets!

Kemper says: 'The Profiler now features numerous bass profiles in the factory rig content, including excellent direct profiles taken from the DI output of the bass amps. Additionally, of course players will like the mildly distorted profiles taken from tube-driven bass amps and speakers, captured by microphone.

'In addition to the factory content, we have also released special rig packs containing excellent complete rigs for bass. These are available from the our download page. Players should also be sure to check out the Rig Exchange webpage to download rigs by other users, or even share their own.'

Kemper Rig Manager on iPhone

Creation & Management of Performances - Performances can hold up to five Rigs and prove extremely useful to live players for multiple reasons. In the upper section, you can rearrange and edit them on the fly.

Controlling the Signal Flow - Choose, select and edit all the effects on the signal chain. Control the amp stack, signal flow, and effects as well as the input and output section. Set up either a simple or sophisticated morph scenario in seconds. Use the spacious morph slider to simulate the movement of your pedal.

Turn a generic rig into your individual tonal treasure - The PROFILER Rig Manager displays the currently loaded Rig. It was never easier to adjust details of the Amp Stack or try out alternative effects and settings. Just dive deep into a Rig and edit every aspect of how it sounds and how it reacts to your playing

Here's What Kemper Say About the Kemper Profiling PowerHead 600w Black Front Guitar Amp Head:

The Kemper Profiler PowerRack adds a built in 600 Watt power amp to the Kemper Profiler concept and turns the former recording solution into the most versatile guitar amplification system ever. Utilizing the Kemper CabDriver mode, guitarists now have the choice of playing through regular guitar cabinets or full range monitor systems. This extends the Kemper Profiler concept as the perfect solution for the rehearsal room and the stage.

The 600 Watt Class D amplifier was carefully selected for the guitar amplification system to guarantee utmost performance. After extensive listening tests, a lot of measuring and looking thoroughly at the typical sonic behavior of power amps for guitar amplification on the market, it became clear that only the best components are capable of delivering impressive results.

Any Amp, Anytime, Anywhere

The new Kemper Profiling Amplifier enables you to do what generations of guitar players have been waiting for: to capture the soul of all your amps (and so many more) inside a lunchbox-sized amplifier. So, how does it work- We use cutting edge digital technology to capture the sonic DNA of virtually any guitar amp. The resulting Profiles are as living, vivid and dynamic as the original amps. Imagine you've used some sweet-sounding, well-maintained vintage tube amps in your last studio session.

Stomp Boxes

The Kemper Profiling Amplifier offers 4 independent stomp effects slots which can host a full arsenal of stomp box effects including painstakingly modeled famous overdrive and distortion stomp boxes, compressor, reverb, several delays and LoFi algo- rithms, and a beautiful rotary speaker emulation.

The Archive

The Kemper Profiling Amplifier makes it easy for you to share your personal library with other users. It already holds a vast number of rigs. Sharing a profile or rig is as easy as sending an e-mail.


Amplifier profiling is a new and unique way to extract the sound and feel of a tube amp and store it away for later use. Profiling doesn't just create a static snapshot; it can give you a deeper control of your sound than your original amp can provide. The response to your playing, dyna- mics and all other details are captured by the profiling process.

The Input Stage

Thanks to a Hi-Z input optimized for passive guitar pickups, the Kemper Profiling Amplifier offers a crystal clear signal path.

The Stack

The Stack section of the Kemper Profiling Amplifier consists of the profiled amplifier, equalizer and cabinet. You can mix and match any amp with any cabinet in your library. You can even creatively change the sonic behaviour of any recently profiled amplifier.

Master FX

The master effects section features reverb, delay and additional slots for stomp boxes to refine your amplifier’s tone. The six knobs on the front panel offer convenient access to the most important settings. The reverb section features a dense and lively reverb algorithm which won’t mask the original signal. The delay section features several tape and stereo delay algorithms which can be synched to MIDI clock.

Amp Controls

The Kemper Profiling Amplifier includes the standard Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence controls that you would expect from a guitar amplifier. However, in contrast to many vintage amps, we have kept the gain control neutral, so you are able to find the sweet spot of your amp, and run this optimal sound at any gain level.

New Kemper Drives - Now Released with Profiler OS 8.0.5!

Profiler operating system 'Version 8' adds new overdrives to the Profiler’s FX arsenal. The Kemper Drives establish an entirely new Overdrive-System, inspired by industry-standard pedals like the:

  • Ibanez / Maxon TS808, TS9
  • Klon Centaur
  • Horizon Precision Drive
  • Boss OD-1, SD-1
  • Analogman King Of Tone
  • Timmy Overdrive
  • Marshall Bluesbreaker MK1

The Kemper Drive recreates all of these sought-after overdrive tones, and at the same time, goes far beyond those as well: combining all the classic tonal characteristics into just one "Pedal". This allows for the unique possibility to seamlessly morph between all the overdrive classics and create the perfect tone for any particular guitar, amp, and cabinet combination — from creamy, smooth saturation to the tightening of high-gain sounds. For a start, 21 presets are available to get going easily.

Jed Van Wyngaardt author picture

Written by Jed Van Wyngaardt

Customer Reviews


13 reviews





Trusted Customer1st Jan 2022

Looks 5Sound 5

Mr Joseph RYAN22nd Dec 2021

Pro gear. This profiler truly opens the doors to new tones and is perfect if you're looking for something that is versatile across multiple genres.

Value 4Looks 3Durability 5Sound 5

Trusted Customer22nd Aug 2021

Don't believe the naysayers. The Kemper really is fabulously practical.

Value 5Looks 5Durability 4Sound 5

Mr Nathaniel Cabrera4th Dec 2020

I really wanted my first tube amp. I have played a few before but never owned one. I purchased a Mesa Mark 5:25 from a domestic shop in the NL, but after a long wait it arrived defective so I had to send it back. While waiting I got curious and started looking at more amp videos and stumbled upon the Anderton's Kemper ones. Before that I did hear the name Kemper fly around but never really cared to see what it was, but I guess my annoyance/curiosity got me looking around and was very impressed not only by the Anderton's videos but other sources. I got convinced and definitely cancelled my Mesa and went for the Kemper instead. Sure, you miss out on the "charm" and "touch" of a real tube amp, but that quickly goes away once you realize that you can have pretty much any (profiled) amp there is! Specially for those of us that don't have the room, the noise isolation and/or the money to own multiple amps (boutique and such). Don't be discouraged by the tube amp snobs that have returned/bashed the kemper because "it has too many options" or "its not 100% the same". Here's some advice: Too many options? take the time to review and make your few selected amps and rigs and delete the rest of what you consider bulk. Sure, It is a high initial time investment but has long lasting benefits and totally worth it. Not 100% the same?: Yeah sure, there is obvious compromise, but is 97-98% a deal breaker? For me it's not! Recommendation: Get the power amp and the Kemper Kabinet for that amp in the room feeling!

Value 5Looks 3Durability 5Sound 5

Trusted Customer5th Nov 2020

Great piece of kit. Wasn't disappointed.

Value 4Looks 4Durability 4Sound 5

Trusted Customer9th Sep 2020

Incredible, I'm not able to use a normal amp with where I live or at least not get it loud enough to record which is what I plan to do with it, I installed a few profiles on the kemper but keep going back to a 1966 vox topboost profile which is now definitely my dream amp!

Value 5Looks 4Durability 5Sound 5

Mr Clive Lonie1st Mar 2020

Too early to give detail feedback but initially very good - although the remote has worrying hiccuped a couple of time with problems connecting to the Profiler.

Value 4Looks 5Sound 5

Mr James Atkinson21st Aug 2019

What is there to say? This device saves money on buying multiple amps. amps that I would never have the chance to play too. Easy to use, more connections than anyone could need for live and studio. No faults at all. Yes it is digital but is better than bandmates and I breaking backs with our valve amps. Too many advantages to state. I feel others pale in comparison but have there uses. I will never go back, only if I need to play certain shows will I use valve.

Mr Barnabas Shaw19th Jul 2019

Mr lee Harding10th Mar 2019

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