Roland Zen-Core

Roland Zen-Core

Zen-Core introduces a new kind of multi-platform experience for Roland hardware and software - one that makes creating music and collaborating with others easy. 

Zen-Core allows you to create a sound idea on one device, then share that same sound with another compatible device for collaboration or live/studio performance.

Create a sound on a Fantom Workstation, then share that sound with a friend (who can load it into their MC-707 to use in their own music). Or, seamlessly take this same sound idea and load it into Zenology Pro to use within your DAW.  Sparking creativity at any moment, this intuitive experience lets you start an idea wherever you are, using any Zen-Core device of your preference. When you’re ready to explore different genres, the new suite of sound packs, model banks and expansions for Zen-Core - available through Roland Cloud - allow for a truly inspiring and creative workflow. 

The Roland Zen-Core Synthesis system is built upon over fifty years of synthesizer research and development. It can accurately recreate the sound of classic Roland analogue and digital synths, while also providing all the creative tools required to craft unique, cutting-edge sounds. On-top of all this, you get 90 high quality DSP effects to choose from, including famous Roland effects like Juno-106 chorus, SDD-320 and many more.

With the Zen-Core synthesis system, you’ll always be equipped with the best tools and sounds to match your creative vision, whatever the situation.