True Bypass Reverb Pedals

Keep your signal super clean with a true bypass reverb pedal.

True Bypass Reverb Pedals

True bypass pedals allow your guitar signal to flow through unaffected when the reverb is turned off. This means the pedal won't inflict any type of boost or unwanted changes, which in most cases is an excellent thing. On some occassion you will want a buffered pedal that can boost a signal when it runs through a long signal chain, but it's not a common occurence. 

We have a huge variety of reverb pedal in stock and available to order. Check out everything from crazy, futuristic modulated and reverse reverb sounds, to the old faithfuls like spring, plate and hall/room reverbs. Reverb is an essential effect in the world of guitar, and indeed music production as whole. A guitar reverb pedal essentially emulates the sound you hear when playing in a large space, where the reflections within the room create an ambient trail or echo.

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