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Yamaha DTX Electronic Drums

This range of Electronic kits from Yamaha includes drums to suit all budgets and ability levels.

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Yamaha DTX Electronic Drums

At the entry-level point there’s the DTX400 - a set that’s designed to develop your skills thanks to an exciting hands-on drumming training system. This integrated software makes the kit ideal for practicing on. In the midrange, there’s the DTX502 and DTX700. The former boasts mesh pads with a feel and response that replicates acoustic drums; the latter features the same mesh construction, all centred around a powerful module which hosts 1300+ drum and percussion sounds. 

The DTX900 Series sits at the peak of Yamaha’s electronic drum offering. They’ve taken their extensive experience of crafting excellent acoustic drums, distilling this knowledge into the next-gen DTX-PAD playing surfaces found here. As a result, these drums feel just as good to play as their traditional counterpart - whether you’re in the studio, or performing live.