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Vox AV Series Amps

The Vox AV series is possibly the most affordable way in the world to get your hands on true tube circuit amps.

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Vox AV Series Amps

Valve amplifiers don’t have to reach into the thousands of pounds. Vox make the AV series, all-tube amps that don’t skimp on great tone.

They combine powerful classic British sound with small practice amp size. There’s a plethora of effects and tones available that are usually limited on tube amps of any price.

Dial in crisp cleans, vintage crunch, overdrive and screaming high gain tones. Add a number of modulated, delay and reverb effects to your sound as you have a practice amp as versatile as any of its rivals.

All in a super sleek design using 12AX7 tubes and quality speaker constructed to deliver natural sound balance across the frequency projection.

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