Rothwell Audio Products

Rothwell Audio Products are based in the United Kingdom and have been producing pedals and other useful guitar parts since 2007.

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Rothwell Audio Products

All of their products are assembled in the UK by a small team that thoroughly test each item before it leaves the work bench.

Guys like Mike Scott (Prince, Justin Timberlake) have used the Rothwell Hellbender distortion and even Gary Moore used a Heartbreaker overdrive!

Rothwell make a range of overdrive, distortion and booster pedals but they also produce some really cool guitar parts that you can buy to upgrade your guitars tone/volume knobs.

For example, the Neck Adder pot will allow you to dial in your neck pickup even if your selector switch is on the bridge. This is great because you can warm up the sound of your bridge pickup without having to go to the middle position and have both pickups running at the same volume.

The Rothwell Gain Pedals

Rothwell have built their reputation on the drive pedals that they make because they make pedals that can be used in different styles of music.

You want a treble boost for indie? The Atomic booster. You want a blues rock machine? The Heartbreaker! You want some high-gain British tone? The Hellbender!

Even their compressor has the ability to add a bit of dirt if you crank the volume on it.