Pettyjohn Electronics

Pettyjohn Electronics has quickly risen to the surface of the pedal pool, among a plethora of other boutique brands vying for the same prominence. Offering exquisite, handmade analogue stompboxes - Pettyjohn pedals simply look and sound fantastic.

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Pettyjohn Electronics

Based in Albany, Oregon; Pettyjohn Electronics pedals "are engineered and built in the USA without compromise or shortcuts" - in their own words. Founded by studio engineer Stephen Pettyjohn, the eponymous company uses analogue components almost exclusively in the design of its guitar pedals, for achieving the most traditional and authentic tones possible.

With so many pedal brands around, it can be difficult to distinguish one stompbox from another in terms of their shape. Pettyjohn has avoided this confusion by constructing a modern enclosure that is not only unique-looking, but also practical. By installing their pedal's footswitches at an angle, this enables players to easily and reliably engage their effects while keeping their heels firmly on the floor. Ergonomic top-mounted jacks also allow guitarists to save precious real-estate on their pedalboards!

Pettyjohn pedals are designed to enhance your tone; working in more of an additive way. Their overdrive and boost products exemplify this approach, and here at Andertons Music Co. we stock a great selection of Pettyjohn's most popular stompboxes.