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Premium construction, stunning aesthetics and faultless performance; check out the Pearl Masters range at Andertons Music Co!

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Pearl Masters Drum Kits

The Pearl Masters name has earned legendary status in the drum world. Synonymous with reliability and unwavering tonal precision, Masters kits are used by drummers across the musical spectrum. From jazz fusion to death metal and the vibrant in-between, these kits are designed to deliver time after time! 

The Masters range is split into two parts; Maple Complete and Maple Reserve. Maple Complete kits utilise Pearl's EvenPly Six configuration, a 6-ply 5.4mm design. This thinner shell, made with premium North American maple, offers a purer tonal response with heaps of resonance. Triple-flanged SuperHoop II hoops, premium lacquer finishes and professional hardware with reduced shell contact all contribute to a drum experience that's professional through and through. 

Then there's the Maple Reserve. A thinner-style 4-ply 5mm configuration translates to an even more pristine tone that has to be heard to be believed. Backbeats will pop, fills will electrify and kicks will thud in spectacular fashion thanks to Pearl's painstakingly calculated shell formula. Their signature 38-step high gloss process ensures that the Maple Reserve kits also look the part! Top it off with Classic Bridge Lugs, FatTone hoops and the aluminium OptiMount Suspension system, and you've got a professional-grade kit with bundles of character.

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