Nexi Industries

Nexi Industries are a new effects pedal company who have solved the biggest gripes guitarists have when it comes to setting up a pedalboard.

Nexi Industries

The Amsterdam-based team created a pedalboard with a huge number of inbuilt features and a range of pedals all designed to work seamlessly in unison. 


In 2012 the Nexi founders outlined the basic functions their brand had to cover: a pedalboard that could be ready to use in five minutes, a collection of old-school analogue effects and a complete splash-proof stompbox collection. 

Many guitarists have suffered cable trouble, power supply stress or simply wondered why their setup won’t work. This is where Nexi stepped in.

The experienced team of boutique pedal builders came up with a board that has eight designated slots, a built-in tuner, two-channel switch, power supply, a three-step booster and water resistance. 


Nexi have put together six varied starter packs for first-time buyers, which include the pedalboard and a collection of pedals designed for a specific genre of music, such as rock, punk, blues and metal.

Although they cover almost every type of effect you’d need, from chorus to looper, and delay to phaser, the strongest element of the line-up is the overdrive. 

Achieve anything from classic crunch to super high gain using the Distortion, 70s Distortion, Overdrive, 70s Overdrive, Dutch Screamer, Fuzz and Metal Distortion.

If you have any older pedals you don’t want to take out your rig, fear not. The ConNexi patch cables will accommodate any single-sized pedal for use in the Nexi board. 

Bass players aren’t left out either! Nexi host a whole range of bass effects such as the Compressor and Fuzz.