GTC Sound Innovations

Makers of the innovative Revpad Guitar Multi-Effects Unit, GTC Sound Innovations stay true to their name by using technology to push the guitar, and music further than ever before.

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GTC Sound Innovations

GTC Sound Innovations was formed in 2008 when a group of engineers and professional musicians came together to explore new ways to expand the sonic capabilities of the guitar. Their flagship product, the Revpad wireless effects unit for the guitar has opened up new creative avenues for guitar players to shape their sound as they play.

The Revpad

GTC Sound Innovations have gotten off to a winning start with the Revpad – the world’s first wireless touchpad effects controller. The Revpad is truly unique in that the touchpad needs minimal setup and is compatible with any electric guitar providing an intuitive way to control effects and augment your sound as you play. 

In an industry that’s often looking to the past, GTC Sound Innovations is looking at ways to truly modernise the electric guitar.