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Gray Guitars FAQs

Where are Gray Guitars made?

All of Gray Guitars’ models are hand-made in London, England. The company is essentially a one-man operation, and their founder (Thomas Gray) constructs every instrument using only the finest tonewoods and hardware/electronic appointments available.

What pickups are used in Gray Guitars?

Gray Guitars typically equip their models with Radioshop or Bare Knuckle pickups from the UK. An all-British affair, these pickup manufacturers use hand-winding techniques that match the quality, precision and finesse of Gray Guitars’ own instruments.

Who uses Gray Guitars?

Gray Guitars has made instruments for the likes of Graham Coxon, Tim Renwick, Josh Smith, Chris Buck and Andy Martin. You’ll also see our Managing Director, Lee Anderton, using his custom-made Emperor guitar frequently on our YouTube channel - it’s one of his favourites!

Can I custom order a Gray Guitar?

You can commission your very own custom Gray guitar through Andertons Music Co. Request your very own specs, from the body and fingerboard materials down to the guitar colour and pickups - with further options available. Simply use our ‘contact us’ form to get the ball rolling!