Genzler Amplification

Based in Brooklyn, New York; Genzler Amplification is a pioneering bass amp brand that designs innovative products for the most discerning of bassists.

Genzler Amplification

Founded by Jeff Genzler, this eponymous company is known for its smart approach to bass amp construction; putting reliability and sound quality first.

With longtime engineer Scott Andres leading their design team, Genzler's bass cabinets are instantly recognisable for their 'BassArray' system. Utilising large speaker cones as you'd expect, Genzler's cabs feature a central line array element made up of several smaller speakers. While the larger speakers handle all of the low-end you could ever need, the smaller speakers bring extra clarity and fidelity to your bass' mid-range.

Genzler also uses neodymium drivers in its bass cabinets, meaning that they're super-light and easy to transport. So not only do their products deliver superb sonics - they're incredibly ergonomic too!