Pioneers of the archtop guitar for decades, D'Angelico now produce some of the most striking guitars on the market - there's something for everyone.

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Born in NYC’s Little Italy, D’Angelico is widely regarded as one of the finest archtop guitar manufacturers of the 20th century. Nowadays, they make guitars of all shapes and sizes; all built with the same exceptional detail, mastery and flair that put them on the map.

While their archtop and hollow-body instruments set the bar back in the '30s and '40s, D'Angelico now proudly produce solid-body, semi-hollow and hollow-body instruments to suit every style and price point. If you're a rock player, consider the singlecut Atlantic or the eye-popping offset Bedford. If you're a jazz or fusion player, the Premier SS or DC offer a warm, articulate response courtesy of Duncan-designed pickups. These are retro-style guitars that don't hold back on creativity, but with a modern edge to suit the contemporary player. Click here to find out more about the differences between D'Angelico models, or check out the full D'Angelico selection below! 

D'Angelico Guitars FAQs

Who are D'Angelico Guitars?

D’Angelico were pioneers of the classic archtop guitar in the early 20th Century. Originally based in NYC’s Little Italy, Manhattan; D’Angelico was officially relaunched in 2011 and the company now boasts a diverse range of striking hollow-body and solid-body guitars - perfectly blending stylish retro design with modern functionality.

What’s the difference between D’Angelico Guitars’ Premier and Deluxe ranges?

D’Angelico Guitars’ Premier series comprises various mid-priced instruments that are great for intermediates. The company’s Deluxe series boasts guitars that are aimed more at professional working musicians, with their high-quality tonewoods, tasteful binding and superior electronics. The D’Angelico Excel series sits in between the Premier and Deluxe ranges, and these guitars feature USA Seymour Duncan pickups and luxurious hardware appointments.

Which D'Angelico guitar is the best?

There is no definitive “best” D’Angelico guitar, especially with the huge variety in their instrument catalogue. The brand’s semi-hollow and full hollowbody guitars are still incredibly popular, but solid-body models like the Atlantic and Brighton are also adored for their classy looks and unique pickguard designs.