British Drum Company

A young brand amongst giants within its industry, British Drum Company has already established a fantastic reputation within the world of percussion.

British Drum Company

With their roots firmly grounded in British tradition, all British Drum Co. shells are made in the UK, using traditional methods.

History of British Drum Company

Founded in 2015, British Drum Co. is a collaborative effort between a number of high-profile names, all sharing a love for percussion. 

With Alan Kitching (product designer), Ian Matthews (Kasabian drummer), Al Murray (comedian) and Stu Warmington (military marching drummer) serving roles within the company, their products undergo thorough designing and testing before reaching the consumer.

This ensures that the quality of their instruments are top-grade, aimed at professional musicians looking for optimal performance and sound.  

The British Drum Company Range

The Legend Club Series is the brand’s flagship product range. With the kit’s shells formed from bright-sounding Birch, it is capable of delivering punchy tones with plenty of rich definition and projection. Available in a variety of classy finishes, this kit’s excellent sounds are matched by its elegant beauty.

British Drum Company also produce limited edition kits and snares, with their shells using rare woods and materials. From 3000 year-old Oak to Etimoe, these luxury woods don’t only offer unique tones, but are excellent collector’s pieces.