Atomic Amps

Atomic are famous for their pioneering work with the Amplifire amp modelling and effects pedal which saw an entire guitar rig fit into a tiny box smaller than your average pedalboard!

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Atomic Amps

Atomic are spoken about in the same breath as the Fractal Axe-FX and Kemper and are on their digital modelling lynchpins in their own right. They pioneered the possibility that your entire rig could fit into a unit small enough to fit into your backpack and whilst other companies had done this before, no one had made quality this high available at such a low-price.

History Of Atomic Amps

The Atomic brand has been around for a few years and here at Andertons Music Co. we’ve seen them absolutely explode in the UK over the last few years. This is because their products are well-built, well-designed and excellent value-for-money. The Atomic story is only just beginning in many ways, but we're sure they'll continue innovating and creating great new guitar gear for years to come.

Atomic Amplifire Range

It all started with the Atomic Amplifire and this little unit has seen many software and firmware updates over the past few years as Atomic continue to improve and perfect their unit. The powerful DSP SHARC chip allows them to build on an excellent platform.

The Amplifire is an all-in-one guitar amp, guitar cab and multi-effects simulator that frees up your rig to fit into a number of different situations. You can use the Amplifires amp and cab sim to plug directly into a PA system when playing live or directly into a recording interface if you’re in the studio.

The fact that the cab emulation is so good means that you don’t have to worry about those harsh ‘direct’ sounds that you may get from other DI boxes because the Amplifire has impulse responses on-board which also emulate the sound of the room that the cab might be in. It’s the simulation of a microphone sitting a few inches away from the speaker cone that warms up your guitar tone.

On top of the fantastic amp and cab sims, Amplifire have spent a lot of their R&D time on making sure all of their effects are top notch. As you may have guessed, they’ve thrown everything and the kitchen sink into the effects section with everything from basic digital delay to a plethora of overdriven tones and even funky ringmod and autowahs available.

Most of the Atomic product range is based on their initial design of the Amplifire but with subtle tweaks and changes to suit a number of different players. The major differences are the number of different effects and footswitches you'd like at your beck and call. Models include the Amplifire, Amplifire 6 (with 6 footswitches) and Amplifire 12 (With 12 footswitches).

The Aptly named Ampli-Firebox is also available which doesn't have any effects on-board but is simply an amp and cab emulation. This is perfect for throwing at the end of your pedalboard and using as a backup or mainstay part of your rig – especially if you have pedals that you’d like to use as part of your sound.

Cabs – The most important thing to getting a good ‘emulated’ tone live is ensuring you have a flat response PA speaker or guitar cab which is why Atomic have the Neo Wedge which features a lightweight neodymium speaker. The Neo Wedge has a ‘flat’ response which means the speaker and cab don’t colour the sound which allows the amp emulation to do all the work.