Andertons Video Room Rig

Andertons Music Co. may have been a shop since 1964, but in recent years there's one room in particular that has gained iconic status, the Video Room!

From Sound Like to Chappers and the Captain, almost all of our videos are shot in the same room! If you've ever wondered how we mic up our amps, presenters or instruments, then look no further - this page has all the gear we use to make our videos!

It doesn't matter if we're filming Steve Vai, or reviewing some new affordable Ukuleles, the gear is always the same; high-end, professional grade equipment!

Chappers & The Captain

The Captain Meets...

Sound Like...

Other Rig Profiles

Want to find out more about the presenter's individual rigs? Which pedals does Danish Pete use? Which are The Captain's go-to guitars for shooting videos?

Click the links below to find out more!

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