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Toontrack EZDrummer 2

Midi Drum production software plugin

Written by

Ollie Mason

Toontrack has finally announced the anticipated release of EZdrummer2, a revolutionary upgrade to its predecessor EZdrummer. In essence EZdrummer is  a multi-microphone drum sampler designed for musicians and producers in need of a compact, affordable, easy to handle drumkit plug-in without compromising sound quality or control. However the latest upgrade brings in some amazing new features that offer quck groove manipulation, putting music creation front and centre.

EZdrummer 2 has been designed to erase the creativity barrier that often comes with music production software. As a result, all new cutting edge tools have been developed for quick and easy songwriting. To kick it off, there's a new audio engine with collection of brand new sounds which you can play direct through a midi controller. A new advanced search function helps you quickly find a midi groove suited to your style with various filters to narrow the choice. If you already have something in mind, the revolutionary "tap to find" function lets you tap a rhythm with your mouse or midi device and it will search and list all related grooves with a percentage indicator. An accurate, quick and easy way to get started without the fuss.

Once you have your groove, EZdrummer has a fantastic range of tools to build and edit your drum track from within the plugin. First off is an intuitive song creator, where you can drag,drop, cut and loop grooves, fills and breaks with ease in a visual window editor. There are also handy song templates to quickly pad out a complete track from a groove. Once you're done, you can simply drag and drop straight back into your DAW.

Another fantastic feature that we're excited about is the new groundbreaking features to create a personalised drum groove easily. The software now lets you communicate with your drummer in real time to quickly adjust elements of your groove to your liking. You can change the power hand(leading instrument) in the groove, add extra drums and change the amount each drum plays in the groove. Having sampled thousands of real drummers, EZdrummer knows how they would react to these changes and mimics their actions. You can also change the velocity of single drums or quckly ad percussion instruments for immediate results.

Finally you can edit your drum track with the built in mixer and audio effects. With quick presets and a high level of customisation, theres something for everyone, from the complete beginner to the seasoned pro.

With so many amazing new features its hard not to get excited about this new edition from Toontrack, giving you the perfect tool to create fully customised drum tracks quickly without destroying your musical flow.

2 New Kit Setups

THE MODERN SETUPThe modern library includes drum selections from DW, Gretsch, Yamaha, Ludwig, Sonor, Tama and Brady, all recorded through Neve 88R and EMI TG12345 consoles as well as various chains of vintage and modern outboard.

DW Collector’s Maple Yamaha 9000 Gretsch USA Custom

Sabian HHX Groove Hats 14” Paiste Giant Beat 14”

Sabian Vault Artisan 20” Paiste 2002 20”

Sabian HHX Evolution 16” Pos1
Sabian AAX Xplosion Fast Crash 17” Pos2 Sabian HHX Evolution Ozone Crash 20” Pos3 Sabian HHX Xtreme Crash 17” Pos5

Paiste Twenty Thin Crash 16” Pos1 Paiste Giant Beat 17” Pos2
Paiste Full Crash 19” Pos3
Sabian HHX Xtreme Crash 18” Pos5

DW Collector Maple 10×8,12×9,13×10,16×16,18×16 (DW Clear Coated Heads)
Yamaha 9000
10×8,12×8,13×9,14×11,15×13 (Emperor Coated) Gretsch
12×9,14×14,16×16 (Coated Emperors)

Ludwig 400 14×5 Chrome on Aluminium (Remo Coated Control Sound)
Ludwig 400 14×5 Chrome on Aluminium (Damped) Sonor 14×6.5 Cast Bronze (Remo Emperor X)
Sonor 14×6.5 Cast Bronze (Damped)
Pearl Vinnie Paul Signature14x8 Maple (Evans HD) Brady 14×6.5 Jarrah block snare (Remo Coated Control Sound) Open
Brady 14×6.5 Jarrah block snare (Remo Coated Control Sound) Damped
Brady 14×6.5 Jarrah block snare (Remo Coated Control Sound) UpsideDown
Tama Artist Carbonfibre 14×6.5 (Semi Damped)
Tama Artist Carbonfibre 14×6.5 (Damped) (Ambassador Coated)
DW 13×6 Edge (Ambassador Genero Coated)
Gretsch US Custom Chrome over Brass 14×6 (Coated Ambassador) (Undamped)

DW Collector Maple 22×18 (Plastic & Felt) Remo Powerstroke 3 heads KD01
DW Collector Maple 22×18 Open (Felt) KD02
DW Collector Maple 24×16 (Felt & Plastic Beater) (Remo Powersonic heads) KD03
Yamaha 9000 22×16 (Evans EQ3) Plastic & Felt KD04 Gretsch 26×16 US Custom (Power Stroke 3 Coated) (Plastic & Felt) KD05

The vintage library is based around two classic Ludwig kits and recorded through an extremely rare REDD.51 console. In fact, the example in British Grove Studios’ possession is the only known available in the world.

Ludwig 1960s
Ludwig Vistalite
Vintage Setup 2 (60’s Ludwig)

Hi Hat – Sabian HHX Manhattan 14inch
Ride – Sabian Bolt Crossover 21inch
Crash (Position 2) – Paiste Giant Beat 18inch Crash (Position 3) – Sabian Artizan Bolt 18inch

Hi Tom – Ludwig 60’s 12×8 (Aquarium Modern Vintage Medium Skins)
Low Tom – Ludwig 60’s 14×14 (Aquarium Modern Vintage Medium Skins)

Bass Drum:
Ludwig 60’s 20×14 (Power Stroke 3 Clear)
Gretsch Catalina Club 26×16 (Power Stroke 3 Coated Skin)

Ludwig 400 14×5 (Remo Coated Control Sound Skins) Gretsch Crome on Brass 14×6.5 (Coated Ambassador Skin)

Vintage Setup 2 (Ludwig Vistalite)

Ludwig Vistalite 12×8 (Remo Pinstripe) Ludwig Vistalite 16×16 (Remo Emperor)

Bass Drum:
Ludwig Vistalite 22×14 (Aquarian Super Kick 2 Skin)

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