New Fender Offset, American Elite & Professional Colours!

Fender have unveiled new finishes for their flagship American Elite & Professional lines!

Fender's New Colours

Fender teased some amazing new colour additions across their ranges at Summer Namm 2017.

With some classy new colours for their Elite range, including Champagne and Ocean Turquoise, the guitar powerhouse also unveiled sweet Candy Apple Red and Natural options for their American Professional line.

And now, Fender have unleashed a raft of unique new finishes for their Mexican Offset Series models!

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With some beautiful pastel colours adorning Fender?s Mexican-made Duo Sonic and Mustang models, as well as a timeless 2-Tone Sunburst available for the Mustang 90, you now have a chance to get your hands on some fresh-looking guitars at incredibly affordable prices!

With all of the guitar models sub-500 and the Mustang Bass just over, these instruments boast the classic Fender sound and feel for a fraction of the price of their high-end counterparts.

The American Elite series is the top-of-the-line production range that Fender?s manufactures. Only Custom Shop instruments are a tier above, and these spec?d out machines are built with sheer performance in mind.

Immediately striking a chord with players around the world, the company have introduced a couple of all-new Fender colours to whet the appetite!

The gorgeous new Ocean Turquoise will inspire you to pick up and play, whilst the sleek Champagne finish adds an element of pure class. We love these new finishes, and hope you will too!

What are the American Elites?

Replacing the amazing American Deluxe line that lasted for many years, the Elites retain many of their features but with some extra refinements. Truss rod adjustments can now be made easily, with their placement moved to the bottom of the neck.

Modern, satin-finished necks give these instruments a super-smooth feel, letting you move around the fretboard quickly and without hindrance. Updated hardware and electronics offer immense tuning stability and versatile tones respectively, making these the ultimate instruments for session and touring musicians!

By now you?ll be familiar with the Fender American Professional name. They replaced the renowned American Standards in 2016, building on an extremely reputable and popular formula. Making a number of adjustments with the working guitarist in mind, these guitars really set the standard a notch higher.

Acclaimed amongst guitarists worldwide, Fender have decided to treat you to some new colours! Check out a list of updated models below:

What are the American Professionals?

The ?Deep C? neck is designed with comfort and speed in mind. Due to a slight increase in size coupled with altered geometry, you?ll find that the neck still feels great after those long rehearsals or intense setlists.

New V-mod pickups give you all of the full-bodied bite you?ve come to love, but are individually voiced to give you a broader tonal palette. And the ?narrow-tall? frets are exactly what you might be thinking ? thinner but with a little more height, therefore perfect for accuracy and intonation, no matter where you are on the neck.

Want to hear the American Professionals in action? Check out our video here:

Fender American Professionals on Andertons T.V.

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