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Electro Harmonix C9 Organ Machine Guitar Pedal


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Written by

Jed Van Wyngaardt

The Electro Harmonix C9 Organ Machine is a brand new organ simulator for guitar based on the same engine as the popular B9 Organ Machine. I don't think anyone expected the B9 to be such an instant success but it was. The B9 sounded fresh and clean but best of all it sounded real. Some previous attempts to introduce an organ like sound to a guitar have been ok but never really captured the same feel as a real organ.

9 New Sounds

While the original B9 covered a lot of the different organ sounds that you would have heard they were going after emulating common concepts but not actual models. The C9 goes deeper and looks to emulate some of the most desirable organ sounds in the world with amazing precision. From sounds that pay homage to artists like Keith Emerson, Ray Manzarek, Brian Eno and many more the C9 gives you 9 different transformations for your guitar.

The 9 new sounds you get access to are Tone Wheel, Prog, Compact, Shimmer, Lord Purple, Mello Flutes, Blimp, Press Tone and Telstar. Each of these different presets offer a type of organ effect that you would not have heard coming from a guitar before. All of these sounds are controlled through the Dry and Organ volume controls as well as the Mod and Click knobs. The volume controls do what they say on the tin control the volume of either the dry or effected signal so you can get the exact blend you want. The mod and click knobs control different parameters depending on what preset you are on. The modulation can be turned off on any of the presets by simply turning the knob to 0.

C9, B9 or Both?

The C9 is not a replacement for the B9 but more of an add on to the family. Both the B9 and C9 will provide you with amazing effects but it is when you put both of them together in a stereo amp set up that you get the best sounds. Hook up a B9 and C9 to two different amps with an A/B/Y pedal in the front to get an amazing stereo effect that will have people wondering how you managed to fit a pair of organ players off stage.



  • 1. Tone Wheel - Classic tone wheel-esque organ sound.  MOD type:  Chorus.  CLICK sets level of click sound.
  • 2. Prog - Paying homage to the massive sound of Keith Emerson of Emerson Lake and Palmer.  MOD type:  Chorus.  CLICK adjusts the level of an interval of a fifth and an octave below.
  • 3. Compact - This preset imitates a sound similar to Ray Manzarek's tone on the Door's "Light My Fire. " MOD type:  Vibrato.  CLICK adjusts the level of upper harmonics.
  • 4. Shimmer - This preset is based on an effect made popular by Brain Eno and Daniel Lanois.  MOD adjusts the attack time.  CLICK controls the sustain amount.
  • 5. Lord Purple - Our salute to the Jon Lord-ish type organ sound of Deep Purple.  The ORGAN level controls the level of one set of 3 drawbars.  MOD Type: Chorus.  CLICK adjusts the level of a second set of 3 drawbars.
  • 6. Mello Flutes - A tribute to the classic Mellotron flute tape sound of The Beatles' song "Strawberry Fields Forever. " MOD Type: Vibrato.  CLICK adjusts the depth of the vibrato.
  • 7. Blimp - Led Zeppelin type sound.  MOD Type: Chorus.  CLICK adjusts the level of upper harmonics.
  • 8. Press Tone - EHX's nod to the great organ sound found on The Beatles' song "Let It Be. " MOD type:  Chorus.  CLICK sets level of click sound.
  • 9. Telstar - Envisions the legendary sound of a Clavioline as used on The Tornadoes song "Telstar. " MOD Type: Vibrato.  CLICK adjusts the level of upper harmonics.

Note: On presets 2, 3, 5 and 7; the CLICK knob is a volume control that works independently of the main ORGAN volume knob.


  • C9 has buffered bypass.
  • Input impedance is 1M.
  • Output impedance for both output jacks is 500.
  • Current draw of the C9 is 100mA.
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