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Digital amps have become a massive part of today's guitar market. Not only are they great for studio use where you can go direct in to your recording setup but they also work really well live either running through on stage speakers or straight to the PA. The Atomic Amplifire takes everything the world has learned from different digital systems and brings them to a compact floorboard format.

The Format

While there are other floorboard style multi effects and digital amp systems most of them are still too large to easily travel with due to them being overloaded with all kinds of features you may not want or need. The Atomic Amplifire wants to tone down on the amount of excessive features and just deliver great tone in an easy to use package.

On the pedal you have three footswitches on the front that can be programmed to control an array of different options including the built in effects loop or any of the emulated hardware that you have in the system. This means that even with this unit being so small you can still control everything you need at your feet.

The Sounds

The Atomic Amplifire may not have the pedigree of other brands in this field but in terms of quality it matches them all the way and even beats them in some respect. By using high quality components and mixed with some of the best modelling software in the world you get some truly stunning tones every time you turn this on. We don't just mean for metal either.

Whether it is true or not digital amps have grown a reputation for being great for high gain work but they lack the subtleties of tube tone nor the response to really work well for clean or crunch sounds. The Amplifire has been designed to resolve this issue so you get realistic breakup and response no matter what style you play.

With models based after some of the world's most iconic amplifiers the Amplifire can easily cover nearly any generation of guitar tones. From the Tweed 50's to the gold fronted amps of the 60's and 70's and into the more modern high gain sounds that came through in the 80's, 90's and 00's. So no matter if you wanted to play in a function band where you need to cover a bunch of styles or you just want to travel light with your originals this is a great choice.

Getting Set Up

The Amplifire is very easy to get up and running no matter how you want to work. Out of the box it is loaded with a bunch of presets that cover most styles but you will want to dig in and get your own presets made. You can either plug it in to your computer and use the included software to start building up your sounds or you can do it straight from the unit itself.

After you have made your sounds you can then decide exactly where and how you want to use the pedal. Do you want to run direct to the board live or in the studio? Or do you still want dedicated loudspeakers? If you are running in to a PA system or recording setup the built in dual XLR outs will do everything you need.

However you have a few more options if you want to run through dedicated speakers. One obvious choice would be a guitar cabinet but this will require a power amp or a guitar amp with an effects loop that you can run the amplifire in to via the effects return. Yes you get all of the tones but your rig is still just as big as it was before. Another option is what they call Full Range Flat Response (FRFR) monitors. These speakers are powered by their own power supply and you can just plug straight in to the XLR on the back.


  • UNPARALLELED TONES: All new, state-of-the-art amp modeling based on Studio Devil's highly acclaimed and patented technology!
  • EFFECTS, EFFECTS, EFFECTS: Robust effects selection including drive, modulation, delay, reverb, eq, gate and more!
  • INTUITIVE CONTROL: 3 configurable and rugged footswitches
  • NOT A 1-TRICK PONY: Easy to use as a pedal or connect it to your desktop interface for recording
  • INCREDIBLE DSP POWER: Blazing dual-DSP powered hardware allowing for complex and detailed algorithms
  • TAKE CONTROL: Dedicated, physical amp control knobs for intuitive tone adjustments
  • PRESETS GALORE: 128 MIDI controllable presets (yep, you can plug a midi controller into AmpliFire for extended control)
  • DESKTOP CONNECTED: PC & Mac desktop editor
  • DETAILED CABINET MODELS: Stereo 1024 point cabinet impulses with ability to upload 3rd party IRs
  • CONNECT YOUR WAY: Versatile I/O options including 1/4" Hi Z input with proprietary processing, separate stereo 1/4" and XLR outputs and user programmable effects loop
  • EASY TO UPDATE: Field upgradeable firmware
  • EXPANDING ALL THE TIME: We are constantly expanding the capabilities of AmpliFire - check back often!
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