Top 10 Synths On Your Andertons Christmas Wishlist!

Christmas & the New Year is the perfect time to get your hands on the latest gear...whether it's a gift for a loved one, or a treat for yourself! Here are our top synths you should definitely have on your list for Santa this year.

Stocking Fillers

These small and compact pieces of gear are the perfect stocking stuffer for the musician in your life. From Teenage Engineering, to Korg, Moog and more, these brands have designed cutting-edge creative equipment that won't take up much room at all! 

Great for: guitarists or other musicians looking to explore new sounds.

Let’s kick it off with one of the most affordable bits of kit in our entire synth range: Pocket Operators. Danish manufacturer Teenage Engineering have a knack for making super fun gear, and these are no exception.

These pocket-sized synths are affordable, portable and noisy as anything. Each one has a different sound, ranging from thumping bass to punchy percussion and everything in between. They take two AAA batteries and can be synchronised with each other for seamless music-making, with a little on-screen animation for each sound. And yes, there's a limited edition Rick and Morty one - full of voice samples and weird sounds. Schwifty.

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Mid-Sized Models

These bigger synths and drum machines from industry leading brands like Behringer, Roland, Elektron, Arturia and others, offer a deeper, more powerful experience than their portable counterparts.

Great for: musicians wanting to explore analogue electronic music on a budget.

When you consider what they can actually do, Behringer’s desktop synths are pinch-yourself affordable. Inspired by legendary classic analog synths, these compact units take them to another level. offering in-depth controls and jaw-dropping sounds aplenty.

Undoubtedly the most requested release, the Odyssey models the legendary ‘70s ARP synth, offering a combination of classic dual-oscillator tones.

The Model D is their classic analog synth. 3 oscillators, tons of filtering options and simple patching unlock an enormous range of sounds.  If you really want to go all in, the Poly D is its turbo-charged version: 4-voice polyphony, a 37-note full-size keybed, stereo chorus and much more!

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Standalone Gear

Looking to make tracks and craft beats using just one piece of equipment? Then this section is for you. Avoid the need for multiple bits of gear with these standalone instruments - from Akai, Teenage Engineering, Native Instruments, and Roland. 

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Premium Synths

If you really want to push the boat out, then you're in the right place. High-end models from Arturia, Roland and Sequential await - offering some of the best synth engineering and sounds of recent years. 

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