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Steinberg WaveLab Pro 11 Retail

The ultimate plugin for professional mixing, mastering and audio processing

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Anna Colombo

For more than 25 years, WaveLab has been the top-class plugin for mixing and mastering, audio editing and recovery and many more audio processes. Designed for recording studios, music professionals, journalists and anyone who works with audio, WaveLab is the most comprehensive platform for audio refinment.

The brand new WaveLab 11 Pro includes many new features to meet the demands of modern creators, such as stem mastering, multitrack editing, plug-in parameter automation and podcast production. The concept of "multi" is at the core of this new release: with multi-channel file handling, multiple track sublanes and more, WaveLab further enhances its mastering capabilities.


  • Multi-channel interleaved support for opening, editing and saving up to 22.2 surround and Ambisonics files, with easier editing and detailed selection options
  • Stem mastering: tracks can now be routed into a bus channel with effects, gain and pan controls; Track lanes allow for dividing an audio track into eight sub lanes for working with mix stems inside an audio montage
  • SuperVision analyser provides fully customisable multi-metering audio analysis
  • New VST3 effect plug-ins including Frequency 2, Squasher, Imager, Quadrafuzz v2, DeReverb, MixConvert V6 and VST AmbiDecoder
  • MAAT LIN Dethering allows WaveLab to automatically replace outdated dithering plugins
  • New and improved montage rendering options


Multi-channel support: Multi-channel editing in the Audio Editor

WaveLab 11 introduces extended support for multi-channel interleaved files and, for the first time, multi-channel interleaved editing in the Audio Editor. Supporting up
to 22.2 surround layouts of WAV files (including Ambisonics files for preauthoring purposes), a multi-channel file can be opened, edited and saved like any other set of mono/stereo files. Featuring comprehensive controls to make precise editors work on selected channels only. The detailed new selection options include highly flexible frequency-domainselection
in the Spectrum Editor. In the Audio Montage, the automatic splitting of multichannel audio files into mono or stereo clusters makes it fast to import a largemulti-channel file. This also allows plug-ins to process channel clusters independently of one another.

Stem Mastering:

Track Groups comprise audio tracks which are routed to a group bus, before the signal continues through the Montage output and then Master sections. This provides an additional summing stage with effects plug-ins, gain and pan controls. Track Groups are especially useful for stem mastering and, alongside Track Lanes, another way to apply a common track
group effect chain to stem mastering projects. Track Groups can be created by selecting tracks from a corresponding Group Channel. Using the Track Group Editor, tracks and track groups can be named/renamed, have colours assigned and moved per drag and drop. Track Lanes is a flexible new feature that can divide an audio track into eight sub lanes, each lane hosting audio clips, a facility especially useful when working with mix stems inside the Montage. As well as clip effects, track effects can be applied to all clips, providing a final processing chain for all stems on the track. Track Lanes also be used for sound design tasks like assembling, editing and processing sound effects from layered clips. Each Track Lane features comprehensive controls for selection, solo/mute, fold/unfold, lanes can be converted to tracks, selected tracks can be merged as lanes and more.

Automation: Parameter automation with clip envelopes

You can now use clip envelopes to automate the parameters of VST 3 plug-ins. Along with the volume, pan and effect wet/dry parameters, clip envelopes are managed from the new Automation Envelope panel in the Inspector window. Envelopes can be assigned to parameters by right-clicking on the parameter, single envelope points can be text edited, envelopes can be turned on/off and their visibility is easily managed, individually or globally.

SuperVision: The best analyser

As well as the WaveLab analysis meter, WaveLab 11 features a new professional analysis tool, SuperVision. SuperVision is a fully customizable, multi-meter audio analyzer, with 17 different modules that can be applied in up to nine module slots for level, spectral, phase and waveform analysis. It allows the creation of a fully customized layout for a supremely
accurate visual picture of any audio project. Multiple instances can be opened to monitor the audio signal at different stages.

New one-knob channel strip: Ideal for voice and music refinement

The Track Inspector adds two new sections with specialized channel strips for real-time audio processing, radically simplifying the enhancement of audio controls. Alongside the familiar Insert Effects and Gain and Pan sections, the new Clean and Enhance sections provide very quick and easy ways of cleaning up and improving the quality of audio recordings.
The CLEAN section comprises refinement tools such as DeEsser and DeNoiser and lets you remove unwanted noise instantaneously. The ENHANCE area allows you to EQ your audio, add Reverb to it and enhance the presence of speech using the Voice Exciter or give it more punch using the maximizer.

DeVerb: Mastering-grade quality

DeReverb is a completely new plug-in for WaveLab, designed to remove the reverb from the input signal in real-time. Using an impulse response generated by a physical mode, the plugin has a Learn function to record the input signal and set the physical model parameters for the impulse response.

LIN Pro Dithering: the New standard devolped by MAAT Audio

The new LIN Pro dithering plug-in replaces outdated engines that rely on decades-old approaches to dithering. Developed by the plug-in specialists at MAAT Audio, the new dithering plug-in delivers top-notch results and comes with a variety of options to choose from, such as 7 types of noise shaping, 2 dither-types and auto blanking.

Further new VST3 effect plug-ins: High-quality plugins for greater possibilities

Frequency 2

individually set to dynamic mode. Dynamic bands support sidechaining, there is a Linear Phase mode for each band and a
spectrum display.


The dynamic Squasher combines up and down compression for up to three bands. It's designed to help lead sounds cut through, tame aggressive bass frequencies
and enhance subtle reverberation.

Quadrafuzz v2

Quadrafuzz is a versatile multi-band, multimode distortion which can be creatively applied to any sound, delivering everything from the subtlest warmth to crushing fuzz.


Imager is designed to achieve a cleaner mix by placing audio tracks in up to four bands in the stereo field, to expand or reduce the stereo width. It includes individual scope and correlation displays.

MixConvert V6

Loaded into one of the PlaybackvProcessing slots in the Master Section, MixConvert allows the monitoring of surround audio in a stereo environment, with options to downmix surround audio to several target setups. A dedicated channel mixer allows very fine-tuning.

VST AmbiDecoder

VST AmbiDecoder decodes a first, second or third-order Ambisonics mix to immersive, HRTF-based binaural sound for headphones, or to an immersive sound speaker configuration. Users can import an HTRF file for their individual head and ear shapes.,

Publishing Podcasts

WaveLab Pro 11 connects you directly with popular podcast directories. Upload your episodes directly from within WaveLab to Spreaker, Podbean,
Soundcloud, Buzzsprout and Castos, saving time and effort. Alternatively, you can create and publish RSS feeds directly from within WaveLab 11. You can upload your
podcasts to your choice of FTP server or other online storage.

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