The Andertons Music Podcast

Need your music chat fix? Fancy some Andertons TV on a rainy afternoon? Your prayers have been answered. Introducing the Andertons Music Podcast

Coming to a commute near you!

Welcome to the Andertons Music Podcast! Introducing your host, Lee 'The Captain' Anderton, self-confessed valve enthusiast and John Mayer devotee. Here, you’ll find a selection of ‘The Captain Meets…’ episodes for your listening pleasure, taken from our YouTube channel.

Previous guests include the likes of Steve Vai, Albert Lee, John Petrucci and many, many more. In each episode, Lee & co discuss favourite guitars, amps, pedals & gear, playing influences, the musician’s lifestyle, and many more weird and wonderful topics. Don’t forget to subscribe, share with your friends and check us out on social media for the latest news. Enjoy!