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Gibson Les Paul 2016 Traditional in Desert Burst

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While other models in the Gibson 2016 range look to put a modern twist on an old legend the Les Paul Traditional T model gives you a more vintage look. While it does have some more up to date options like a Graph Tech nut and a weight relieved body the end goal was still to make it sound and feel as close to a classic as possible.

Traditional Build
As it is called a traditional model you would assume that it is built to sound and feel like one of the classics right- Yeah, that is pretty much spot on. By using a mahogany body topped with AA flamed maple as well as a mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard you are 90% of the way there to getting that classic Les Paul tone. With its deep and warm overall tonal character you can get all the classic rock and blues tones that this guitar is known for.

The neck has been carved to a popular 50's style profile that is certainly chunky but is extremely comfortable in the hands so even those with smaller hands should be fine. Every part of this neck has been carefully constructed to match up with the standards that were set so many years ago including the 1-11/16" width that is so popular.

The body is still made put of mahogany with a maple top like all legendary Les Pauls but this one is a little bit different. To make sure you can play this guitar for longer with no issues it has had Gibson's traditional weight relief treatment. This takes away part of the wood to minimise weight while still delivering the same tone you would want out of an original.

Classic Pickups
While most of the pickups that Gibson produce take a classic style and introduce higher output and more power to please more modern fans. This guitar is loaded up with some real PAF inspired designs with the '57 Classic humbuckers.

These pickups really do take after the original 50's style humbuckers with their alnico magnets and plain enamel coated wire. They have gone all out to really nail the sound and response of those classic pickups with their medium output, smooth overdriven tone and midrange focus every guitarist needs an instrument like this in their lineup.

The Hardware Inside
But what about things like tuning stability- Well This guitar may not have any kind of fancy tuning system but what it does have is a set of killer hardware that has been used for generations of Les Paul guitars.

The traditional stoptail bridge that has been used for as long as the Les Paul has been around and traditional manual tuners mean you can rely on this guitar in any gigging environment.  Just turn up to your next gig, tune up and get rocking nothing is going to let you down here.

Professional Set Up
As part of the 2016 line this guitar has received a premium set up even before it has gone through our QC checks. This means that you can take this guitar out of the box on day one, go straight to your gig and rock up without any issues with the guitar at all.

No longer do you need to wait for a few days while you get your guitar. We all know that you want to get using a new guitar as soon as possible so Gibson have made sure you can do just that.

Here's what Gibson say about the 2016 Les Paul Traditional T

The  Les Paul Traditional 2016 T's foundation is the same traditional tonewood combination that helped make the Les Paul a legend when it was introduced six decades ago. A beautifully carved solid Grade-AA figured maple top lends bite and articulation to the sound, while the solid mahogany back with traditional weight relief contributes superb warmth and depth. Pure vintage-voiced tone with a contemporary edge comes courtesy of Gibson's '57 Classic pickups with traditional chrome covers, made in the image of the hallowed late 1950s PAF humbucker with Alnico II magnets. A traditional wind in the neck position provides plenty of warmth and clarity, and in the bridge position, slightly over-wound coils in the '57 Classic Plus offer juicy crunch and wailing lead tones.


  • Weight relief:  Traditional weight relief for a lighter overall guitar
  • Tuners:  Traditional manual tuners
  • Neck width:  Traditional neck width of 1 11/16" at the nut
  • Nut:  Graph Tech™ nut
  • Neck heel:  Traditional Les Paul neck heel
  • Case:  Traditional brown Les Paul hard shell case
  • Inlays:  Historic trapezoid fingerboard inlays
  • Fingerboard:  Thicker one-piece rosewood fingerboard
  • Setup:  Comprehensive hand-finished setup
  • Pickups:  ’57 Classic humbucking pickups

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