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Digitech GSP1101 Rack Mount Guitar FX Processor - FREE 3M CABLE!

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Digitech GSP1101 Rackmount Guitar FX Processor

Get your spandex cat suit out & blow the dust off your big hair wig - here comes guitar rack gear again!! Actually thats a little unfair - the Digitech GSP1101 is a far cry from the guitar FX rack gear of the 80's. In fact the GSP1101 is a great sounding & well thought out bit of kit that will appeal to both the studio player & the live player. In the studio, the GSP1101 can be used as an all singing, all dancing "do everything" processor that you just plug straight into a desk or a computer. In a live set up, the clever routing on the GSP1101 allows you to connect the GSP1101 to both the front end and the FX loop of your amp. You can put all the Compression/EQ/Wah/Drive FX through the front end of your amp, use the natural overdrive tones of your amp if you want to, and then put the Modulation/Reverb/Delay FX of the GSP1101 through your amps FX loop. It's easy to use, robustly made & sounds great. All this for a fraction of the price that some of the more expensive rack gear will cost you!

Here's what Digitech say about the GSP1101


"I have absolutely never been this happy about my guitar tone. The GSP1101 possesses all of the great Clean and Overdrive amp tones that I have always wanted for the stage and in the studio. Extremely versatile, yet very easy to quickly find your way around to design all of your dream presets. The results speak very clear with the GSP1101 pre amp and i have a strong feeling that a lot of players will soon agree!" Glen Drover - Megadeth

The GSP1101 is the new paradigm in preamp/processors. We looked at the needs of the professional guitarists who already get their core tone with their amps, guitars, and fingers. The pros wanted to do everything from just adding a few effects to their existing tone to creating entirely new sounds with a single rack-mount preamp/processor. One concern they had in common; “Don't take over my rig like other preamps do.” This required a whole new approach in design.

The GSP1101 answers the professional guitarist's call for “tone preservation” by incorporating the flexibility to be easily integrated into any rig and configured to work the way you want it. DigiTech's unique Setup Wizard guides you through the steps to optimize the GSP1101 to fit your needs.

The GSP1101 not only preserves your tone, but it gives you access to a vast array of over 120 different models, from stompbox overdrives, preamps, and amps, to studio quality effects including luscious Lexicon reverbs and unique products like DigiTech's Whammy. So many sounds, so little time…

Don't sell yourself short or compromise your tone. You've got your sound; now get more out of your rig with the GSP1101.


  • Intuitive user interface with dedicated amp controls and LCD display
  • Over 120 amp, cabinet, preamp and effects models including vintage stompboxes
  • Stereo effects loop
  • 40 Tone and 40 Effect Chain Libraries - 1600 exclusive DigiTechR combinations
  • Global EQ
  • Balanced stereo XLR and 1/4" outputs
  • Chromatic tuner
  • USB with audio streaming + Editor/Librarian software included
  • MIDI In / Thru
  • Internal power supply
  • Front panel guitar input and headphone output
  • Footswitch and expression inputs
  • Seamless preset changes


    How does the GSP1101 save your tone? By using the GSP1101's unique and flexible preamp loop in conjunction with the easy to use setup wizard, you can quickly configure your GSP1101 to meet your connectivity and functionality needs. By allowing you to place your personal preamp in the GSP1101's preamp loop, the GSP1101 places internal stompboxes, choruses before your amp's input like discrete pedals. The effects like delays and the internal Lexicon; reverbs follow after your preamp. Most rack mount products force you to run through some type of clean amp model changing your sound just so you can get a little extra. With the GSP1101 you longer have to sacrifice your tone and effect chain to use a rack.

    Unlike most rack preamp / processors, the GSP eliminates internal sections that you are not using and places the effects in use in the correct order. You want an internal distortion and chorus before your outboard amp? No problem. The GSP1101 setup wizard quickly walks you through the setup and then internally reconfigures to meet your needs. You want just chorus, delay and reverb? No problem, the setup wizard makes it a snap to turn the GSP1101 into the ultimate effects processor.

    Whether you want to use the GSP1101 as your total preamp / processor by running it straight into a power amp and cabinet or if you want to incorporate it into your stack / rig, the GSP1101 will fit your needs. 

    You've worked long a hard to develop your signature tone, we don't want to take over; we just want to be a part of it.

    For a video demo & more technical spec on the GSP1101 click here




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