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Fernandes Sustainer 401 Single Coil Sustainiac Kit

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This product is discontinued
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We all know that drummers go on, and on, and on, but now guitarists can too! Fernandes sustainer pickup kits actively re-vibrate your strings when engaged so you can create infinite sustain and awesome feedback and violin style harmonic effects, even at low gain levels. This is the same system reffered to as a "sustainiac" by some guitar manufacturers.


We can fit a Fernandes sustainer kit to your guitar. Since modifications are often required, please contact us on 01483 456777 with information about your guitar for a quote for cost of fitting. See below for more details.

Here's what Fernandes say about the Sustainiac 401

Fernandes' first and now legendary Sustainer Kit with a Single Coil Size Sustainer Driver. Complete electronics package brings Sustain Control to higher limits.


  • Model: FSK401
  • Series: Sustainer Kit


  • Single Coil Sized Sustainer Driver
  • Sustainer Circuit Board
  • Optional Hight Output Humbucker
  • Easy Access Battery Box
  • 1 Volume Pot - 1 Tone Pot - 1 Sustainer Intensity Pot
  • 5 way Pickup Selector Switch - 1 Stereo Jack

Fernandez Sustainiac Fitting Info...

The Fernandez Sustainiac is available in 2 different formats - a single coil version & a humbucker version.
If you want the full detail on how it works, you can visit the Sustainiac web site here -
but in summary, a Sustainiac uses the same principle as an Ebow - by creating a magnetic field below the strings, the strings start to immediately vibrate, therefore creating infinate sustain. The Sustainiac kit can be used in different modes so that either the note, the 5th harmonic, or a mix of the two can be sustained.

In order for the Sustainiac to work best it must be used in the neck position pickup cavity of your guitar. The control circuit that comes with the Sustainiac is quite large (especially on the single coil version), and the Sustainiac also requires extra switches & a 9v battery compartment. This means that most guitars will need to have their control cavities enlarged, and switch holes drilled in order to house all the Sustainiac electronics. So far we've played around with 2-3 different guitars & on average it's taking us about 4 hours to fit a Sustainiac system. Typically this means we'll charge about £160 labour (plus the cost of the Sustainiac) to fit a Sustainiac system to your guitar - however, if your guitar needs a lot more work to fit the Sustainiac, you would be charged more (labour is charged at £40 an hour). The only way for us to be sure of the cost is to see the guitar - our Guitar tech is normally here Monday-Friday, so please try to bring your guitar in when he is here.

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Part Number: FSK401