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Akai APC20 & Ableton Live 8 Bundle

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Akai APC20 & Ableton Live 8 Bundle

This great bundle deal means you can get the amazing performance software, Ableton Live 8, with a hardware controller designed specifically for Ableton. This bundle enables you to put together stunning live performances easily and the tactile controller makes it easy and intuitive to manipulate Ableton with absolutely no need for a mouse!

These two items bought separately would cost £469.98. That means you're saving over £100 by buying our special bundle deal!

Live 8 is the latest incarnation of the hugely popular music package from Ableton, a whole host of new features and improvements make this version, by far, the best to date.

In its relatively short lifetime (when compared with other music packages), Ableton Live's user base has risen to make it practically ubiquitous within the electronic music scene.

Live initially rose to popularity with its excellently designed easy to use interface and indispensable tools such as realtime time-stretching, which made it ideal for live performers who needed quick and precise control of their music.

Since then it has not only flourished into a fully fledged music production package making it ideal for producing from the ground up, but also refining the features which made it so popular and ground breaking in the first place.

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This controller, designed mainly for use with Ableton, opens up a whole new world of musical creativity for DJs, programmers and producers. Integrating this controller with Ableton couldn't be easier, and from this small pad, you can access a huge amount of Ableton's functionality, allowing you to create and perform complex and intricate pieces of music and make use of the power of Ableton Live.

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