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Alesis AMPDOCK Multi Effects Guitar Processor for Apple iPad

Alesis AMPDOCK Multi Effects Guitar Proc

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The Alesis AmpDock is a complete solution for those wanting to use the power of their iPad in their live guitar setup. Alesis have designed the AmpDock with live performance in mind and the inclusion of the small pedal board is a great tool that will unlock the potential of this device.

iPad Compatibility The Amp Dock is compatible with iPad 1, 2 and 3. It is not compatible with iPad 4 due to a different dock type.

Building upon the design and technology of the widely acclaimed Alesis iO Dock, the AmpDock is the world's first device for guitarists that enables tonal shaping through iPad's processor. The AmpDock fully encloses your iPad or iPad 2 in a rugged and portable device made especially for guitarists and bassists. Whether you're in the studio or on the stage, the AmpDock helps you create "the sound in your head" with real controls and professional inputs and outputs that work with virtually any app, as well as your amp and pedal setup.

Here's what Alesis say about the AmpDock

The AmpDock’s professional inputs and outputs include a 1/4" high-impedance guitar input and an XLR-1/4" combo input for connecting a microphone, a second guitar or another instrument. The AmpDock also includes 1/4" outputs with Guitar/Mic and Ground Lift switches, so you can connect to your guitar amp or go straight into a PA. For use with software MIDI applications on your Mac or PC, the AmpDock also includes a USB MIDI port.
The AmpDock also comes with a rugged pedalboard controller, which enables you to control volume and other continuous controls, bypass, program changes, and other parameters. You can use the AmpDock with or without its pedalboard controller, and MIDI connections enable you to use the AmpDock with other pedal controllers and MIDI hardware.

The AmpDock is designed to help you perform in any situation. Whether you're practicing, recording, or in front of an audience, the AmpDock is easy to fit into your personal setup. The AmpDock has a built-in kickstand allowing it to sit securely above the handle on top of most guitar amps.

You'll never need to place your valuable iPad on the floor, or stomp footswitches right next to your iPad's glass screen! And like the popular Alesis iO Dock, the AmpDock has a rock-solid 30-pin dock connector embedded in its body, so you'll never have to worry about clumsy cables and connectors. Just slide your iPad in the AmpDock, close the door, and you're ready to jam.

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